TDO BEARING ASSEMBLY TIMKEN 385AX-90307 consists of the following Components:

2 × Single Cone 385AX

1 × Double Cup 384DRB

1 × Spacer X2S-385A

Data of TIMKEN 385AX-90307

Cone bore Dia.: 50.800 mm

Cup Outer Dia.: 104.775 mm

Double Cup Width: 39.675 mm

Bearing Width across Cones: 49.200 mm

Weight: 1.65 kg

Some other TIMKEN TDO Bearing assembly we supply

71425/71751D 52400/52637DC 42376/42587DC
71425/71751DC L521945/L521910D 42375/42587D
56425/56650D LM520349/LM520310D LM119348/LM119311D
LM522546/LM522510D 52393/52637D L319249/L319210D
37425/37626D 98394X/98789D 597/592D
L521949/L521910D 863X/854DC 42368/42587D
L521949/L521910DC 783/774D 778/774D
56418/56650D 783/773D 681/672D
71412/71751D HH221447/HH221410D 598X/592D
786/774DC HM821547/HM821511D 598X/592DC
782/774D HH224334/HH224310CD 598/592D
782/774DC HH224332/HH224310CD 598/592DC
787/773D HH221442/HH221410D 42362/42587D
786/773D 779/774D 42362/42587DC
782/773D 779/773D 760/752D
H924033/H924010D 685/672D M919048/M919010D
HH224335/HH224310CD 685/672DC HM921343/HM921310D
941/932CD 52387/52637D 850A/834D
98400/98789D 42381/42587D 98350/98789D
98400/98789DC 42381/42587DC HH221434/HH221410D
HH221449/HH221410D HH221440/HH221410D 775/774D
HH221449/HH221410DC 777/774D 850/834D
861/854DC 776/774D 679/672D
780/774D 683/672D 679/672DC
780/773D 683/672DC 766/752D
780/773DC 52375/52637D 759/752D
687/672D 594A/592D 593A/592D
687/672DC 594/592D 593/592D
52401/52637D 594/592DC 593/592DC
52400/52637D 42376/42587D 42350/42587D

The configuration of TIMKEN TDO Bearing assembly provides a wide effective bearing spread, making it ideal for applications in which overturning moments are a significant load component.