Support units for light load and small equipment NSK WBK25-01



NSK support bearings are factory lubricated with special long-life grease formulations and designed to extend the life of NSK ball screws. No re-lubrication is required, trimming installation time and maintenance costs. Each bearing is preloaded for maximum axial rigidity. Preloading also prevents ball skid and decreases runout.

Product data of NSK WBK25-01

Bore dia.: 25 mm

Length: 105 mm

Height: 68 mm

Mass: 1.9 kg

Locknuts screw: M25×1.5

Attached bearing for support side: 6205ZZ

NSK support units catalogue

WBK06-01A* WBK12-11 WBK12S-01B
WBK08-01A* WBK12-11C WBK12-11C
WBK08-01B WBK15-11 WBK15-01A
WBK08-01C* WBK15-11C WBK12S-01C
WBK10-01A WBK20-11 WBK15S-01
WBK10-01B WBK25-11 WBK12S-01C
WBK10-01C WBK08S-01 WBK15-01B
WBK12-01A WBK10-11C WBK15S-01B
WBK12-01B WBK10S-01C WBK15S-01
WBK12-01C WBK08S-01B WBK15-01C
WBK15-01A WBK12-01A WBK15S-01C
WBK15-01B WBK12S-01 WBK15S-01B
WBK15-01C WBK08S-01C WBK15-11
WBK17-01A WBK12-01B WBK15S-01
WBK20-01 WBK12S-01B WBK15S-01C
WBK25-01 WBK10S-01 WBK15-11C
WBK06-11* WBK10S-01C WBK15S-01C
WBK08-11* WBK12-01C WBK17S-01
WBK08-11B WBK12-11 WBK17-01A
WBK08-11C* WBK12S-01C WBK17S-01
WBK10-11 WBK12S-01 WBK20S-01
WBK10-11C WBK12S-01 WBK20-01

NSK Support units offer universally-ground Single Universal (SU) bearings that can be combined to replace any mounting configuration (face-to-face, back-to-back or tandem), thus reducing your inventory needs dramatically.