Self-aligning ball bearings FAG 1310-K-TVH-C3



Self-aligning ball bearings can support axial forces in both directions as well as radial forces. Under normal operating conditions and with a rotating inner ring, open type self-aligning ball bearings can swivel approx. 4° about their central position. As a result, they permit skewing between the inner and outer ring and can thus compensate misalignments, shaft deflections and housing deformations.

Technical data of FAG 1310-K-TVH-C3

ID: 50 mm

OD: 110 mm

Width: 27 mm

Weight: 1.52 kg

Basic dynamic load rating: 42 kN

Basic static load rating: 14.1 kN

Fatigue limit load: 0.88 kN

Reference speed: 8700 rpm

Limiting speed: 6700 rpm

Part FAG Self-aligning ball bearings catalogue

108-M 1225-M 1315-M 2216-TVH
11204-M 1226-M 1316-M 2217-M
11205-M 1227-M 1317-M 2218-TVH
11206-M 1228-M 1318-M 2219-M
11207-M 1229-M 1319-M 2220-M
11208-M 1230-M 1320-M 2222-M
11209-M 1204-K-TVH-C3 1321-M 2200-2RS-TVH
11210-M 1205-K-TVH-C3 1322-M 2201-2RS-TVH
11211-M 1206-K-TVH-C3 1305-K-TVH-C3 2202-2RS-TVH
11212-M 1207-K-TVH-C3 1306-K-TVH-C3 2203-2RS-TVH
11213-M 1208-K-TVH-C3 1307-K-TVH-C3 2204-2RS-TVH
126-M 1209-K-TVH-C3 1308-K-TVH-C3 2205-2RS-TVH
127-M 1210-K-TVH-C3 1309-K-TVH-C3 2206-2RS-TVH
128-M 1211-K-TVH-C3 1310-K-TVH-C3 2207-2RS-TVH
129-M 1212-K-TVH-C3 1311-K-TVH-C3 2208-2RS-TVH
1200-M 1213-K-TVH-C3 1312-K-TVH-C3 2209-2RS-TVH
1201-M 1214-K-TVH-C3 1313-K-TVH-C3 2210-2RS-TVH
1202-M 1215-K-TVH-C3 1315-K-M-C3 2211-2RS-TVH
1203-M 1216-K-TVH-C3 1316-K-M-C3 2212-2RS-TVH
1204-M 1217-K-TVH-C3 1317-K-M-C3 2213-2RS-TVH
1205-M 1218-K-TVH-C3 1318-K-M-C3 2214-2RS-TVH
1206-M 1219-K-M-C3 1319-K-M-C3 2205-K-TVH-C3
1207-M 1220-K-M-C3 1320-K-M-C3 2206-K-TVH-C3
1208-M 1221-K-M-C3 1322-K-M-C3 2207-K-TVH-C3
1209-M 1222-K-M-C3 2200-TVH 2208-K-TVH-C3
1210-M 1223-K-M-C3 2201-TVH 2209-K-TVH-C3
1211-M 1224-K-M-C3 2202-TVH 2210-K-TVH-C3
1212-M 135-TVH 2203-TVH 2211-K-TVH-C3
1213-M 1303-TVH 2204-TVH 2212-K-TVH-C3
1214-M 1304-TVH 2205-TVH 2213-K-TVH-C3
1215-M 1305-TVH 2206-TVH 2215-K-TVH-C3
1216-M 1306-TVH 2207-TVH 2216-K-TVH-C3
1217-M 1307-TVH 2208-TVH 2217-K-M-C3
1218-M 1308-TVH 2209-TVH 2218-K-TVH-C3
1219-M 1309-TVH 2210-TVH 2219-K-M-C3
1220-M 1310-TVH 2211-TVH 2220-K-M-C3
1221-M 1311-TVH 2212-TVH 2222-K-M-C3
1222-M 1312-TVH 2213-TVH 2319-K-M-C3
1223-M 1313-TVH 2214-M 2320-K-M-C3
1224-M 1314-M 2215-TVH 2322-K-M-C3

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