Saudi Arabia FAG spherical roller bearings 22264MB



FAG spherical roller bearings with oil groove

22264 MB

bearings Dimension

320 mm x 580 mm x 152mm


177 kgs

Basic dynamic load rating, radial

3050 Kn

Basic static load rating, radial

4900 kn

Fatigue limit load, radial

345 kn

Recently, Our FAG spherical roller bearings enjoy very good market share in Saudi Arabia, there are many bearings distributors and end users from Saudi country, we have established mutually beneficial business cooperation for FAG bearings

In order to supply the large size FAG spherical roller bearings in time, we usually keep a certain stock level of large roller bearings for our regular customers, like the Part NO. 22264BK.MB, 23180 BK.MBC3, etc. So that once confirmed the order, we can deliver the goods at the first time.

Other Stock list of large FAG spherical roller bearings,

22208MB 23218MB 22308MB 22208B.MB
22209MB 23219MB 22309MB 22209B.MB
22210MB 23220MB 22310MB 22210B.MB
22211MB 23222MB 22311MB 22211B.MB
22212MB 23224MB 22312MB 22212B.MB
22213MB 23226MB 22313MB 22213B.MB
22214MB 23228MB 22314MB 22214B.MB
22215MB 23230B.MB 22315MB 22215B.MB
22216MB 23232B.MB 22316MB 22216B.MB
22217MB 23234B.MB 22317MB 22217B.MB
22218MB 23236B.MB 22318MB 22218B.MB
22219B.MB 23238B.MB 22319MB 22219B.MB
22220B.MB 23240B.MB 22320MB 22220B.MB
22222B.MB 23244B.MB 22322MB 22222B.MB
22224B.MB 23248B.MB 22324MB 22224B.MB
22226B.MB 23252B.MB 22326MB 22226B.MB
22228B.MB 23256B.MB 22328MB 22228B.MB
22230B.MB 23260B.MB 22330B.MB 22230MB
22232B.MB 23264B.MB 22332B.MB 22232MB
22234B.MB 23268B.MB 22334B.MB 22234MB
22236B.MB 23272B.MB 22336B.MB 22236MB
22238B.MB 23276B.MB 22338B.MB 22238MB
22240B.MB 23280B.MB 22340B.MB 22240MB
22244B.MB 23284B.MB 22344B.MB 22244MB
22248B.MB 23288B.MB 22348B.MB 22248MB
22252B.MB 23292B.MB 22352B.MB 22252MB
22256B.MB 23296B.MB 22356B.MB 22256MB
22260B.MB 232/500B.MB 22360B.MB 22260MB
22264B.MB 22364B.MB 22264MB
22268B.MB 22368B.MB 22268MB
22272B.MB 22372B.MB 22272MB
22276B.MB 22376B.MB 22276MB
22280B.MB 22380B.MB 22280MB
22284B.MB 22384B.MB 22284MB
22288B.MB 22388B.MB 22288MB

We stock comprehensive range of other FAG roller bearings in stock with the competitive price besides what listed above. Warmly welcome your inquiry to the bearing you need, we will reply you within 24h. Sincerely hoping to cooperate with whether new or existing customers in Saudi Arabia in the near future.