NTN spherical roller bearings 22320BKD1C3



NTN spherical roller bearings take very heavy loads even in extremely severe applications and contaminated environments. The bearings are with the industry’s highest load rating and very lower prices than the same level brands, like NSK, FAG etc. So you’d better choose NTN for spherical roller bearings.
NTN bearings 22320CKD1C3

Equivalent SKF: 22320CCK/C3W33

Dimension: 100mm x 215mm x 73mm

Available in cylindrical bore and tapered bore K 1:12 or K30 1:30

Origin: Japan
The following are other NTN spherical roller bearings in our stock list,

22215EK 2221S 22222BL1KD1X50C3 22228BC3
22215EKC3 2221S 22222BL1U38 22228BC3U35K
22215EKD1 22220B 22222BL1U38 22228BC4
22215EKD1C3 22220B/LP03 22222BNR 22228BD1
22216B 22220B/LP03 22222BU35K 22228BD1C3
22216BC3 22220BC2 22222BW-3D1 22228BD1X50
22216BD1 22220BC3 22222LHL1K 22228BD1X50C3
22216BD1C2 22220BC3U35K 22224B 22228BD1X50C3
22216BD1C3 22220BC4 22224B/LP03 22228BD2C4
22216BK 22220BD1 22224BC3 22228BK
22216BL1 22220BD1 22224BC3 22228BKC3
22216BL1C3 22220BD1C2 22224BC3U35K 22228BKC3
22216BL1D1 22220BD1C3 22224BC4 22228BKC4
22216BL1KC3 22220BD1C3 22224BD1 22228BKD1
22216BU35K 22220BD1C4 22224BD1 22228BKD1C3
22216E 22220BK 22224BD1C3 22228BKD1X50
22216EC3 22220BKC3 22224BD1C4 22228BKD1X50C3
22216EKD1C3 22220BKC4 22224BD1X50 22228BL1
22216ENR 22220BKD1 22224BD1X50 22228BL1C3
22217B 22220BKD1C3 22224BD1X50C3 22228BL1D1
22217B 22220BKD1C4 22224BK 22228BL1D1C3
22217B/LP03 22220BKD1C4 22224BKC3 22228BL1D1C3PX51
22217BC3 22220BL1 22224BKC3 22228BL1D1X50
22217BD1 22220BL1C2 22224BKC4 22228BL1K
22217BK 22220BL1C3 22224BKD1 22228BL1KC3
22217BKD1C3 22220BL1D1 22224BKD1C3 22228BL1KC4
22217BL1K 22220BL1D1C3 22224BKD1X50 22228BL1KD1
22217E 22220BL1D1C3PX50 22224BKD1X50C3 22228BL1KD1C3
22217ED1 22220BL1K 22224BL1 22228BL1KD1C3PX50
22217EK 22220BL1K 22224BL1C3 22228BL1KD1X50
22218B 22220BL1KC3 22224BL1C3 22228BL1KD1X50C3
22218BC3 22220BL1KD1 22224BL1D1 22228BL1KD1X50C3
22218BC3U35K 22220BL1KD1C3 22224BL1D1C3 22228BU35K
22218BD1 22220BNRC2 22224BL1D1C3PX50 22228E
22218BD1C3 22220BU35K 22224BL1D1X50 2222K
22218BK 22221BL1NR 22224BL1D1X50C3 2222S
22218BKC3 22222B 22224BL1K 2222SC3
22218BKD1C3 22222B 22224BL1KC3 2222SK
22218BL1 22222B/LP03 22224BL1KC4 2222SKC3
22218BL1C3 22222BC3 22224BL1KD1 22230B
22218BL1KD1C3 22222BC3U35K 22224BL1KD1C3 22230BC3
22218BU35 22222BC3U35K 22224BL1KD1X50 22230BC3U35K
22218E 22222BC4 22224BL1KD1X50C3 22230BC4
22218EC3 22222BD1 22224BU35K 22230BD1
22218ED1 22222BD1C2 22226B 22230BD1C3
22218EK 22222BD1C3 22226B#CA 22230BD1X50
22218ENR 22222BD1X50 22226B/250 22230BD1X50C3
22219B 22222BD1X50C3 22226B/LP03 22230BD1X50C3
22219B 22222BD2+11 22226BC3 22230BK
22219BC2 22222BK 22226BC3U35K 22230BKC3
22219BC3 22222BKC3 22226BC4 22230BKC4
22219BC3U35K 22222BKD1 22226BD1 22230BKD1
22219BC3U35K 22222BKD1C3 22226BD1C3 22230BKD1C3
22219BC4 22222BKD1X50 22226BD1X50 22230BKD1X50
22219BD1 22222BL1 22226BD1X50 22230BKD1X50C3
22219BD1C3 22222BL1C3 22226BD1X50C3 22230BL1
22219BD1C3 22222BL1D1 22226BK 22230BL1C3
22219BD1C4 22222BL1D1 22226BKC3 22230BL1C4
22219BK 22222BL1D1C3 22226BKC3 22230BL1D1
22219BKC3 22222BL1D1C3PX50 22226BKD1 22230BL1D1C3
22219BKC3 22222BL1D1C3PX51 22226BKD1C3 22230BL1D1X50
22219BKD1 22222BL1D1C4 22226BKD1C4 22230BL1D1X50C3
22219BKD1C3 22222BL1D1X50 22226BKD1X50 22230BL1D1X7C3
22219BKD1C4 22222BL1D1X50C3 22226BKD1X50C3 22230BL1K
22219BL1 22222BL1K 22226BL1 22230BL1KC3
22219BL1C3 22222BL1K 22226BL1C3 22230BL1KD1
22219BL1D1 22222BL1KC3 22226BL1D1 22230BL1KD1C3PX50
22219BL1D1C3 22222BL1KD1 22226BL1D1C3 22230BL1KD1X50
22219BL1K 22222BL1KD1C3 22226BL1D1X50 22230BL1KD1X50C3
22219BL1KD1C3 22222BL1KD1C3PX51 22226BL1D1X50C3 22230BU10
22219BU35K 22222BL1KD1X50 22226BL1K 22230K

With many year business experiences, we had many customers in need of the above NTN spherical roller bearings, some are from United States, some are from Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. Welcome to contact us for our best offer.