NTN S5204-LLU stainless steel double row angular contract ball bearing



NTN stainless steel bearings deliver the corrosion resistance and superior hardness of stainless steel making them ideal for applications in food/beverage, medical and other environments where moisture, corrosive or abrasive materials are present. Yakang Bearing usually stock a wide range of stainless steel deep groove ball bearings and stainless steel angular contact ball bearings etc.
NTN bearing S5204-LLU

Manufacturer: Japan NTN Group

Rolling element: ball

Seal: with rubber seals

Dimension: 20mm x 47mm x 20.6mm

Weight: 0.12 KGS

Load capacity: 19.6KN – 12.4KN

Running speed: 10000 r/min – 13000 r/min
The following are double row angular contact ball bearings from the same series,

3200 3302 5200S 5300S 5200SCZ 5303SCZ
3201 3303 5201S 5301S 5201SCZ 5304SCZ
3202 3304 5202S 5302S 5202SCZ 5305SCZ
3203 3305 5203S 5303S 5203SCZ 5306SCZ
3204 3306 5204S 5304S 5204SCZ 5307SCZ
3205 3307 5205S 5305S 5205SCZ 5308SCZ
3206 3308 5206S 5306S 5206SCZ 5309SCZ
3207 309 5207S 5307S 5207SCZ 5310SCZ
3208 3310 5208S 5308S 5208SCZ 5311SCZ
3209 3311 5209S 5309S 5209SCZ 5312SCZ
3210 3312 5210S 5310S 5210SCZ 5313SCZ
3211 3313 5211S 5311S 5211SCZ 5314SCZ
3212 3314 5212S 5312S 5212SCZ 5315SCZ
3213 3315 5213S 5313S 5213SCZ 5316SCZ
3214 3316 5214S 5314S 5214SCZ 5317SCZ
3215 3317 5215S 5315S 5215SCZ 5215SCLD
3216 3318 5216S 5316S 5216SCZ 5216SCLD
3217 3319 5217S 5317S 5217SCZ 5217SCLD
3218 3320 5218S 5318S 5218SCZ 5218SCLD
3219 3322 5219S 5319S 5219SCZ 5219SCLD
3220 3324 5220S 5320S 5220SCZ 5220SCLD
3222 3326 5222S 5322S 5222SCZ 5222SCLD
3224 5224S 5324S 5224SCZ 5224SCLD
5200SCLD 5303SCLD 5200SCLLD 5303SCLLD 5212SCLD 5315SCLD
5201SCLD 5304SCLD 5201SCLLD 5304SCLLD 5213SCLD 5316SCLD
5202SCLD 5305SCLD 5202SCLLD 5305SCLLD 5214SCLD 5317SCLD
5203SCLD 5306SCLD 5203SCLLD 5306SCLLD 5207SCLD 5310SCLD
5204SCLD 5307SCLD 5204SCLLD 5307SCLLD 5208SCLD 5311SCLD
5205SCLD 5308SCLD 5205SCLLD 5308SCLLD 5209SCLD 5312SCLD
5206SCLD 5309SCLD 5206SCLLD 5309SCLLD 5210SCLD 5313SCLD
5200SCZZ 5303SCZZ 5201SCZZ 5304SCZZ 5211SCLD 5314SCLD
5202SCZZ 5305SCZZ 5207SCZZ 5310SCZZ 5212SCZZ 5315SCZZ
5203SCZZ 5306SCZZ 5208SCZZ 5311SCZZ 5213SCZZ 5316SCZZ
5204SCZZ 5307SCZZ 5209SCZZ 5312SCZZ 5214SCZZ 5317SCZZ
5205SCZZ 5308SCZZ 5210SCZZ 5313SCZZ 5215SCZZ 5215SCLLD
5206SCZZ 5309SCZZ 5211SCZZ 5314SCZZ 5216SCZZ 5216SCLLD
5208SCLLD 5311SCLLD 5224SCZZ 5224SCLLD 5217SCZZ 5217SCLLD
5209SCLLD 5312SCLLD 5212SCLLD 5315SCLLD 5218SCZZ 5218SCLLD
5210SCLLD 5313SCLLD 5213SCLLD 5316SCLLD 5219SCZZ 5219SCLLD
5211SCLLD 5314SCLLD 5214SCLLD 5317SCLLD 5220SCZZ 5220SCLLD
5207SCLLD 5310SCLLD 5222SCZZ 5222SCLLD

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