NTN eccentric bearing 22UZ830611T2



NTN Eccentric bearing is a very useful bearing types, the bearing mainly includes outer circle, inner circle, roller, roller basket. NTN Eccentric bearing structure is simple, easy to use, does not need to partiality axis can achieve eccentric function. Making eccentric institutions greatly simplified and also make the eccentric institution of the mechanical processing save work, saving time, and assembly, and to reduce the eccentric institutions to the manufacturing cost.
The following are NTN and KOYO eccentric bearings available in our market,

15UZ21011T2 PX1 22UZ411 1317T2X-EX
15UZ21017T2 PX1 22UZ411 2529T2X-EX
15UZ21021T2 PX1 22UZ411 43T2X-EX
15UZ2102529T2 PX1 22UZ411 5159T2X-EX
15UZ21035T2 PX1 22UZ411 7187T2X-EX
15UZ21043T2 PX1 22UZ830611 PX1
15UZ21051T2 PX1 22UZ317
15UZ21059T2 PX1 22UZ329
15UZ21071T2 PX1 22UZ335
15UZ21087T2 PX1 22UZ343
15UZ210119 22UZ359
15UZ2100119 T2 22UZ387
15UZ21006T2 PX1 22UZ311
15UZ824359 22UZ8311
15UZ8211 22UZ8329
15UZ8217 22UZ8317
15UZ8221 22UZ831729
15UZ822529 22UZ8335
15UZ8235 22UZ8343
15UZ8243 22UZ8359
15UZE20906T2 22UZ8387
15UZE20908-15T2 25UZ414 13-17T2X-EX
15UZE20911-15T2 25UZ414 2935T2X-EX
15UZE20921T2 25UZ414 43-59T2X-EX
15UZE2092529T2 25UZ414 7187T2X-EX
15UZE20935T2 25UZ429
15UZE20943T2 25UZ459
15UZE20951T2 25UZ487
15UZE20959T2 25UZ850611
15UZE20971T2 25UZ851317
15UZE20987T2 25UZ852125/417T2S
15UZE8106 25UZ852935
15UZS20911-15T2 25UZ854359
15UZS20921T2 25UZ857187
15UZS2092529T2 25UZ8506-11
15UZS20935T2 25UZ8513-17
15UZS20943T2 25UZ8543-59
15UZS20951T2 25UZ8587
15UZS20959T2 25UZ8506-11T2
15UZS20971T2 25UZ8513-17T2
15UZS20987T2 25UZ852935T2
19UEZ8106 25UZ8543-59T2
20UZD80T2 PX1 25UZ85187T2
22UZ21106T2 PX1 25UZ8506-11T2S
22UZ21111 25UZ8513-17T2S
22UZ2111317 25UZ852935T2S

The above eccentric bearings are mainly applicable to Reducer, petrochemical textile, metallurgy, mining steel mills and other heavy and light machinery. Any questions, welcome to send your enquiry to us.