NTN Ball screw support bearings BST30x62-1B



NTN ball screw bearings are optimized to support a ball screw. There are several types, BST type is open type thrust angular contact ball bearings with 60 degree contact angle, generally used with grease lubrication. The BST type is mainly installed on ball screws of machine tool feed systems, and two to four row arrangements are used in many cases.
NTN bearing: BST30x62-1B

Dimension: 30mm x 62mm x 16mm

DF or DB type: 305 mm

DFT or DBT type: 420mm

DTFT or DTBT type: 615mm

DFTT or DBTT type: 470mm
The following are NTN ball screw support bearings production list,

   BST17X47-1B    BST17X47-1BLXL
2A-BST17X47-1B 2A-BST17X47-1BLXL
   BST20X47-1B    BST20X47-1BLXL
2A-BST20X47-1B 2A-BST20X47-1BLXL
   BST25X62-1B    BST25X62-1BLXL
2A-BST25X62-1B 2A-BST25X62-1BLXL
   BST30X62-1B    BST30X62-1BLXL
2A-BST30X62-1B 2A-BST30X62-1BLXL
   BST35X72-1B    BST35X72-1BLXL
2A-BST35X72-1B 2A-BST35X72-1BLXL
   BST40X72-1B    BST40X72-1BLXL
2A-BST40X72-1B 2A-BST40X72-1BLXL
   BST40X90-1B    BST40X90-1BLXL
2A-BST40X90-1B 2A-BST40X90-1BLXL
   BST45X75-1B    BST45X75-1BLXL
2A-BST45X75-1B 2A-BST45X75-1BLXL
   BST45X100-1BL    BST45X100-1BLXL
2A-BST45X100-1BL 2A-BST45X100-1BLXL
   BST50X100-1BL    BST50X100-1BLXL
2A-BST50X100-1B 2A-BST50X100-1BLXL
   BST55X100-1B    BST55X100-1BLXL
2A-BST55X100-1B 2A-BST55X100-1BLXL

The above BST bearings are popular type, because greased sealed angular contact ball bearings are easy to handle, the back to back duplex arrangement is commonly used for that it allows acquisition of the specified preload by tightening the inner ring.