NTN 4T-320/28XX1 Small Size tapered roller bearings



NTN bearings 4T-320/28XX1

Dimension :  28mm x 52mm x 16 mm

Basic Static load : 40,500 (N)

Basic Dynamic load : 33,000 (N)
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NTN bearing
 Part NO. 4T-320/28XX1 is a small size tapered roller bearings, there are some different suffix for the same bearing NO., like 4T-320/28XDB+5CS50, 4T-320/28XU71, 4T-320/28XU87, 4T-320/32XP5 etc.

ET-30203 ET-30302 ET-30305D ET-32004X 4T-33108
ET-30204 ET-30303 ET-30306D ET-320/22X 4T-33109
ET-30205 ET-30304 4T-30307D ET-32005X 4T-33110
ET-30206 ET-30305 4T-30308D ET-32006X 4T-33111
ET-30207 ET-30306 4T-30309D ET-320/32X 4T-33112
ET-30208 ET-30307 4T-30310D ET-32007X 4T-33113
ET-30209 ET-30308 4T-30311D ET-32008X 4T-33114
ET-30210 ET-30309 4T-30312D ET-32009X 4T-33115
ET-30211 ET-30310 4T-30313D ET-32010X 4T-33116
ET-30212 ET-30311 4T-30314D ET-32011X 4T-33117
ET-30213 30312U 30315DU ET-32012X 4T-33118
ET-30214 30313U 30316DU ET-32013X 4T-33119
ET-30215 30314U 30317DU ET-32014X 4T-33120
30216U 30315U 30318DU ET-32015X 4T-33122
30217U 30316U 30319DU ET-32016X 4T-33124
30218U 30317U 30320DU ET-32017X 4T-33126
30219U 30318U 30322DU ET-32018X 4T-33205
30220U 30319U 30324DU ET-32019X 4T-332/28
30221U 30320U 30326DU ET-32020X 4T-33206
30222U 30322U 30328DU ET-32021X 4T-332/32
30224U 30324U 30330DU ET-32022X 4T-33207
30226U 30326U 30332DU ET-32024X 4T-33208
30228U 30328U 30334DU ET-32026X 4T-33209
30230U 30330U 30336DU ET-32028X 4T-33210
30232U 30332U 30338DU ET-32030X 4T-33211
30234U 30334U 30340DU ET-32032X 33212U
30236U 30336U 32907XU ET-32034X 33213U
30238U 30338U 32908XU ET-32036X 33214U
30240U 30340U 32909XU ET-32038X 33215U
30244U 30344U 32910XU ET-32040X 33216U
30248U 30348U 32911XU ET-32044X 33217U
30252U 30352U 32912XU ET-32048X 33218U
ET-32203 30356U 32913XU ET-32052X 33219U
ET-32204 ET-32304 32914XU ET-32056X 33220U
ET-32205 ET-32305 32915XU ET-32060X 33221U
ET-32206 4T-32306 32916XU ET-32064X 33222U
ET-32207 4T-32307 32917XU 4T-33008 4T-430208X
4T-32208 4T-32308 32918XU 4T-33009 4T-430209X
4T-32209 4T-32309 32919XU 4T-33010 432211U
4T-32210 4T-32310 32920XU 4T-33011 432212U
4T-32211 4T-32311 32921XU 4T-33012 432213U
32212U 32312U 32922XU 4T-33013 432214U
32213U 32313U 32924XU 4T-33014 432215U
32214U 32314U 32926XU 33015U 432216U
32215U 32315U 32928XU 33016U 432217U
32216U 32316U 32930XU 33017U 432218U
32217U 32317U 32932XU 33018U 432219U
32218U 32318U 32934XU 33019U 432220U
32219U 32319U 32936XU 33020U 432221U
32220U 32320U 32938XU 33021U 432222U
32222U 32321U 32940XU 33022U 432224U
32224U 32322U 32944XU 33024U 432226U
32226U 32324U 32948XU 33026U 432228U
32228U 4T-430307DX 32952XU 33028U 432230U
32230U 4T-430308DX 32956XU 4T-430330DX 432232U
32232U 4T-430309DX 32960XU 4T-430332DX 432234U
32234U 4T-430310DX 32964XU 4T-430334DX 432236U
32236U 4T-430311DX 32968XU 4T-430336DX 432238U
32238U 4T-430312DX 32972XU 4T-430338DX 432240U
32240U 4T-430313DX 4T-430321DX 4T-430340DX 32260U
32244U 4T-430314DX 4T-430322DX 4T-430318DX 32264U
32248U 4T-430315DX 4T-430324DX 4T-430319DX 4T-430328DX
32252U 4T-430316DX 4T-430326DX 4T-430320DX 4T-4303

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