NTN 4R16406 Rolling mill bearings



Production Series: NTN four row cylindrical roller bearings

Origin: Japan

Brand: NTN

Part NO.: 4R16406

Inner diameter: 820mm

Outer diameter: 1130mm

Depth: 800mm

Dynamic load capacity: 23900KN

Static load capacity: 66500KN

Weight: 2540 KGS

Bearing cross reference

SKF: BC4B320455

FAG: 803317

NTN: 4R16406

NSK: 820RV1117

KOYO: 164FC113800D

TIMKEN: 820RX3264A
The following are the same series NTN rolling mill bearings part no.:

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4R3433 4R4416 4R5604 4R6804 4R8801 4R10704 4R16004
4R3431 4R4449 4R5612 4R6805 4R9211 4R11001 4R16005
4R3625 4R4428 4R5605 4R7207 4R9209 4R11202 4R16406
4R3639 4R4429 4R5806 4R7212 4R9223 4R11404 4R16413
4R3628 4R4444 4R5805 4R7205 4R9216 4R11402 4R16415
4R3618 4R4610 4R6014 4R7203 4R9403 4R12006 4R16405
4R3820 4R4614 4R6017 4R7405 4R9610 4R12002 4R16403
4R3818 4R4611 4R6012 4R7408 4R9613 4R12001 4R16601
4R3821 4R4811 4R6023 4R7411 4R9607 4R12202 4R16801
4R3817 4R4819 4R6027 4R7404 4R9604 4R12602 4R17001
4R3823 4R4821 4R6030 4R7605 4R10010 4R12802 4R17003
4R3830 4R4804 4R6015 4R7617 4R10020 4R13005 4R17009
4R4039 4R4806 4R6020 4R7607 4R10016 4R13010 4R17004
4R4054 4R4807 4R6018 4R7604 4R10006 4R13003 4R17002
4R4048 4R4813 4R6021 4R7618 4R10011 4R13201 4R17014
4R4026 4R5008 4R6019 4R7613 4R10008 4R13603 4R17202
4R4037 4R5221 4R6202 4R8007 4R10015 4R13604 4R17201
4R24002 4R20601 4R20002 4R20001 4R18401 4R18001

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