NTN 30319 Tapered roller bearings



NTN Tapered roller bearings feature case-carburized components. Cups, cones, and rollers are made from case-hardened alloy steel of “Bearing Quality” to provide superior fatigue life and reliability. Precise control of heat treatment, dimensions, and surface finish of the components further contribute to reliable bearing performance.

Technical data of NTN 30319 Tapered roller bearings

Inside diameter=95 mm

Outside diameter=200 mm

Thickness=49.5 mm

Weight=6.58 kg

Basic dynamic load rating=315 kN

Basic static load rating=365 kN

Limiting speed for greese lub.=1900 rpm

Limiting speed for oil lub.=2500 rpm

Parts NTN Tapered Roller Bearings productlist

4T-30212 32315U 32920XU 303242)
32212U 32916XU 329202) 31324XU
33212U 32016XU 4T-T4CB100 32324U
4T-T2EE060 33016U 32020XU 32926XU
4T-T7FC060 30216U 33020U 329262)
30312U 32216U 30220U 32026XU
4T-30312D 33216U 32220U 30226U
32312U 30316U 30320U 32226U
32913XU 30316DU 303202) 30326U
4T-32013X 32316U 31320XU 31326XU
4T-33013 32917XU 32320U 32928XU
4T-33113 32017XU 32921XA2) 32028XU
4T-30213 33017U 32021XU 30228U
32213U 30217U 33021U 302282)
33213U 32217U 30221U 32228U
30313U 33217U 32221U 30328U
4T-30313D 30317U 30321U 31328XU
32313U 30317DU 303212) 32930XU
32914XU 32317U 31321XU 32030XU
4T-32014X 32918XU 32321U 30230U
4T-33014 32018XU 32922XA2) 32230U
4T-30214 33018U 32022XU 30330U
32214U 30218U 33022U 303302)
33214U 32218U 30222U 31330XU
4T-T7FC070 30318U 32222U 32932XU
30314U 30318DU 30322U 32032XU
4T-30314D 32318U 303222) 30232U
32314U 32919XU 31322XU 32232U
32915XU 32019XU 32322U 30332U
32015XU 33019U 323222) 303322)
33015U 30219U 32924XU 32934XU
4T-30215 32219U 329242) 32034XU
32215U 30319U 32024XU 30234U
33215U 303192) 30224U 32234U
30315U 30319DU 32224U 30334U
30315DU 32319U 30324U 303342

NTN bearings are very popular with Middle east and North Africa customers. If you’re looking for Japan-made bearings for your special applications, Please contact with CMTG Bearing.