NTN 2307L1 Self Aligning ball bearing



NTN 2307 L1 Self Aligning ball bearing is with brass cage It is able to align itself and compensate for shaft / housing finishing unevenness, bearing fitting error, and other sources of misalignment. However, since axial load capacity is limited, self-aligning ball bearings are not suitable for applications with heavy axial loads.

Technical data of NTN 2307L1 Self Aligning ball bearing

ID: 35 mm

OD: 80 mm

Width: 31 mm

Weight; 0.642 kg

Basic dynamic load rating: 40.0 kN

Basic static load rating: 11.3 kN

Limiting speed for grease lub.: 7100 rpm

Limiting speed for oil lub.: 9000 rpm

Part NTN Self Aligning ball bearing catalogue

1200S 1208S 1216S 1205SK 1213SK
2200S 2208S 2216S 2205SK 2213SK
1300S 1308S 1316S 1305SK 1313SK
2300S 2308S 2316S 2305SK 2313SK
1201S 1209S 1217S 1206SK 1215SK
2201S 2209S 2217S 2206SK 2215SK
1301S 1309S 1317S 1306SK 1315SK
2301S 2309S 2317S 2306SK 2315SK
1202S 1210S 1218S 1207SK 1216SK
2202S 2210S 2218S 2207SK 2216SK
1302S 1310S 1318S 1307SK 1316SK
2302S 2310S 2318S 2307SK 2316SK
1203S 1211S 1219S 1208SK 1217SK
2203S 2211S 2219S 2208SK 2217SK
1303S 1311S 1319S 1308SK 1317SK
2303S 2311S 2319S 2308SK 2317SK
1204S 1212S 1220S 1209SK 1218SK
2204S 2212S 2220S 2209SK 2218SK
1304S 1312S 1320S 1309SK 1318SK
2304S 2312S 2320S 2309SK 2318SK
1205S 1213S 1221S 1210SK 1219SK
2205S 2213S 2221S 2210SK 2219SK
1305S 1313S 1321S 1310SK 1319SK
2305S 2313S 2321S 2310SK 2319SK
1206S 1214S 1222S 1211SK 1220SK
2206S 2214S 2222S 2211SK 2220SK
1306S 1314S 1322S 1311SK 1320SK
2306S 2314S 2322S 2311SK 2320SK
1207S 1215S 1204SK 1212SK 1222SK
2207S 2215S 2204SK 2212SK 2222SK
1307S 1315S 1304SK 1312SK 1322SK
2307S 2315S 2304SK 2312SK 2322SK

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