NSK Slewing bearings 720DBS210Y



The appearance of NSK slewing bearing seems like a rotatory gear, it divided into internal gear DBS and external Gear DBD types. The internal gear series is single row ball bearing type, the external DBD type is double row rotary type applicable for motive power shovel, crane, revolving crane jib as well as other large construction machinery.

The bearing suffix Y means without the outer ring without seal, T means with rubber seal, T3 means with contact type rubber seal.

Type Slewing Bearing
Brand Name NSK
Inner Diameter 720 mm
Outside Diameter 976 mm
Thickness 85 mm
Model Number 720DBS210Y
Feature DBS External Gear
Gear Options Internal Gear Only
Seals Type without
Place of Origin Japan
Weight 168 kgs

We hereby listed all the NSK slewing bearing Part NO. with inner diameter, outer diameter and thichness.

470DBS108y B=470 D=640 T=50 238DBS201y B=238 D=456 T=74
470DBS113y B=470 D=645 T=55 242DBS247y B=242 D=456 T=78
428DBS141t B=428 D=660 T=70 260DBS203y B=260 D=460 T=80
504DBS102y B=504 D=720 T=80 260DBS205y B=260 D=468 T=80
496DBS142t B=496.4 D=730 T=79.5 324DBS242t B=324 D=520.3 T=56
601DBS146y B=601 D=805 T=63 300DBS202y B=300 D=522 T=73
546DBS146y B=546 D=808 T=83 310DBS201y B=310 D=528 T=80
585DBS102y B=585 D=810 T=85 506DBS201y B=506 D=731.5 T=76
594DBS143y B=594 D=815 T=83 529DBS201y B=529 D=732 T=63
682DBS102y B=682 D=950 T=92 506DBS203y B=506 D=736 T=76
784DBS102y B=784 D=973 T=82 600DBS204y B=600 D=800 T=60
792DBS101y B=792 D=1055 T=115 675DBS202y B=675 D=888 T=80
872DBS118y B=872 D=1093 T=90 685DBS201y B=685 D=889 T=56
882DBS103y B=882 D=1106 T=70 728DBS201y B=728 D=924 T=56
874DBS102y B=874 D=1110 T=95 720DBS210y B=720 D=976 T=85
872DBS147y B=872 D=1112 T=75 715DBS202y B=715 D=976 T=98
960DBS145y B=960 D=1163 T=94 720DBS207y B=720 D=980 T=85
922DBS108y B=922 D=1188 T=83 785DBS202y B=875 D=1060 T=80
963DBS106y B=963 D=1195 T=85 995DBS201y B=995 D=1260 T=90
1014DBS101y B=1014 D=1300 T=100 1045DBS205y B=1045 D=1316 T=93
1080DBS113y B=1080 D=1300 T=110 1045DBS208y B=1045 D=1326 T=103
1083DBS104y B=1083 D=1302 T=104.5 1290DBS204y B=1290 D=1560 T=115
1074DBS101y B=1074 D=1400 T=96 1230DBS203t B=1230 D=1620 T=135
1080DBS149y B=1080 D=1400 T=110 1600DBS201y B=1600 D=1872 T=80
1130DBS148y B=1130 D=1400 T=95 1620DBS201y B=1620 D=1988 T=138
235DBS102y B=1235 D=1526 T=122 1910DBS202y B=1910 D=2244 T=133
1235DBS152y B=1235 D=1550 T=147 2550DBS201t B=2550 D=3080 T=175
1200DBS141t B=1200 D=1550 T=120 1456DBD102y B=1456.8 D=1760 T=135
1248DBS104y B=1248 D=1610 T=124 1992DBD101y B=1992 D=2310 T=134
1214DBS110t B=1214 D=1645 T=175 2224DBD101t3 B=2224 D=2620 T=189
1429DBS142t B=1429.6 D=1750 T=120 2596DBD104t B=2596 D=3035 T=193
2006DBS101t B=2006 D=2485 T=150 2928DBD101t B=2628 D=3035 T=156
2310DBS102t B=2310 D=2790 T=190 2628DBD102t B=2628 D=3035 T=184
2693DBS101t B=2693 D=3280 T=185 2776DBD101t B=2776 D=3260 T=240
225DBS202y B=225 D=415 T=58 2780DBD101t B=2780.8 D=3255 T=222
225DBS209y B=225 D=415 T=60 2910DBD101t B=2910 D=3440 T=222
240DBS202y B=240 D=456 T=240 2970DBD101t B=2970 D=3428 T=189
3198DBD101t B=3198.8 D=3700 T=245

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