NSK RNA6907 needle bearings machined outer ring



After many years’ development and research, NSK needle roller bearings have several series and are made from various material of steel. According to the material of outer ring, NSK needle bearing can be divided into drawn cup type and machined ring type, according to whether with inner ring or without inner rings, they can be divided into with inner ring bearing and no inner ring bearing. RNA6907 is needle roller bearing machined outer ring and without inner ring.
NSK bearing : RNA6907

d : 42mm

D: 55mm

B: 36mm

Weight: 193G

Load: 54 KN – 86 KN

Speed: 5700 r/min – 10700 r/min


Origin: made in Japan
The following are NSK machined ring needle bearings,

RNA4900 RNA4852 NKI12/20 NKI80/35
RNA4901 RNA4856 NKI15/16 NKI85/26
RNA4902 RNA4860 NKI15/20 NKI85/36
RNA4903 RNA4864 NKI17/16 NKI90/26
RNA4904 RNA4868 NKI17/20 NKI90/36
RNA49/22 RNA4872 NKI20/16 NKI95/26
RNA4905 RNA4876 NKI20/20 NKI95/36
RNA49/28 RNA6901 NKI22/16 NKI100/30
RNA4906 RNA6902 NKI22/20 NKI100/40
RNA49/32 RNA6903 NKI25/20-TV NKIS15
RNA4907 RNA6904 NKI25/30 NKIS17
RNA4908 RNA69/22 NKI28/20-TV NKIS20
RNA4909 RNA6905 NKI28/30 NKIS25
RNA4910 RNA69/28 NKI30/20-TV NKIS30
RNA4911 RNA6906 NKI30/30-TV NKIS35
RNA4912 RNA69/32-ZW NKI32/20 NKIS40
RNA4913 RNA6907-ZW NKI32/30 NKIS45
RNA4914 RNA6908-ZW NKI35/20-TV NKIS50
RNA4915 RNA6909-ZW NKI35/30 NKIS55
RNA4916 RNA6910-ZW NKI38/20 NKIS60
RNA4917 RNA6911-ZW NKI38/30 NKIS65
RNA4918 RNA6912-ZW NKI40/20-TV NA4822
RNA4919 RNA6913-ZW NKI40/30-TV NA4824
RNA4920 RNA6914-ZW NKI42/20 NA4826
RNA4922 RNA6915-ZW NKI42/30 NA4828
RNA4924 RNA6916-ZW NKI45/25-TV NA4830
RNA4926 RNA6917-ZW NKI45/35-TV NA4832
RNA4928 RNA6918-ZW NKI50/25 NA4834
RNA4822 RNA6919-ZW NKI50/35 NA4836
RNA4824 NKI5/12-TV NKI55/25-TV NA4838
RNA4826 NKI5/16-TV NKI55/35 NA4840
RNA4828 NKI6/12-TV NKI60/25 NA4844
RNA4830 NKI6/16-TV NKI60/35 NA4848
RNA4832 NKI7/12-TV NKI65/25 NA4852
RNA4834 NKI7/16-TV NKI65/35 NA4856
RNA4836 NKI9/12 NKI70/25 NA4860
RNA4838 NKI9/16 NKI70/35 NA4864
RNA4840 NKI10/16 NKI75/25 NA4868
RNA4844 NKI10/20 NKI75/35 NA4872
RNA4848 NKI12/16 NKI80/25 NA4876

NSK machined ring outer ring needle bearings have larger cross section than drawn cup, the precision of raceway is higher than drawn cup type, it’s more suitable for high precision running. The machined outer ring needle bearings can also be amounted into double row, make the load capacity higher.