TIMKEN XR678052 cross roller bearing



TIMKEN XR678052 cross roller bearings

TIMKEN XR series feature two rows of rollers in the space of one and its cross section occupies little space, resulting in less housing material, reduced machining requirements and reduced cost. They are adjustable design for optimum preload lengthens bearing life, maximizes rigidity and provides for minimum runout

TIMKEN part NO. XR678052
Type Cross roller bearings
Dimension 330.2mm x 457.2mm x 63.5mm
Weight 35.3 KGS
Origin Made in USA
Delivery 1 month
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The following are TIMKEN cross roller bearings,

XR496051 203.2mm*279.4mm*31.75mm
XR496052 203.2mm*279.4mm*31.75mm
XR496053 203.2mm*279.4mm*31.75mm
JXR637050 300.0mm*400.0mm*36.492mm
XR637050 300.0mm*400.0mm*37.0mm
JXR652050 310.0mm*425.0mm*45.0mm
XR678052 330.2mm*457.2mm*63.5mm
XR678053 30.2mm*457.2mm*63.5mm
XR678054 300.0mm*480.0mm*60.0mm
JXR678054 300.0mm*480.0mm*60.0mm
JXR699050 370.0mm*495.0mm*50mm
XR736052 432.003mm*571.5mm*38.1mm
XR766051 457.2mm*609.6mm*63.5mm
XR766052 424.5mm*614.924mm*65.0mm
XR766053 457.2mm*609.6mm*63.5mm
XR820060 580.0mm*760.0mm*80.0mm
XR820061 580.0mm*760.0mm*80.0mm
XR820067 580.0mm*760.0mm*80mm
XR820068 580.0mm*760.0mm*80mm
XR836050 600.0mm*830.0mm*80.0mm
XRS844050 685.8mm*914.4mm*79.375mm
XR855053 685.8mm*914.4mm*79.375mm
XR855055 685.8mm*914.4mm*79.375mm
XR855056 685.8mm*914.4mm*79.375mm
XR882054 901.7mm*1117.6mm*82.55mm
XR882055 901.7mm*1117.6mm*82.55mm
XR882058 939.8mm*1117.6mm*82.55mm
XR889058 1028.7mm*1327.15mm*114.3mm
XR889059 1028.7mm*1327.15mm*92.25mm
XR889060 1028.6mm*1327.05mm*114.3mm
XR897051 1549.4mm*1828.8mm*101.6mm

TIMKEN XR bearings are ideal for the table bearing of machine tools, including vertical boring and grinding machines. They also are uniquely suited to many pivot and pedestal applications where space is limited or the lowest possible center of gravity of a rotating mass is required. Any requirement with TIMKEN bearings, welcome to contact cmtg.