Nachi 6215-2NSE Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing



Nachi 6215-2NSE Deep groove ball bearings with seals are standardized. They contain proper amount of grease in advance. Their cages are made from pressed steel.

Description of Nachi 6215-2NSE Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Inside diameter=75 mm

Outside diameter=130 mm

Width=25 mm

Mass=1.18 kg

Basic dynamic load rating, radial= 66000 N

Basic static load rating, radial= 49500 N

Limiting speed with Grease lub= 4800 rpm

Some other NACHI Deep Groove Ball Bearing CMTG Bearing can supply

6811 6812Z 6914ZZ 6214-2NSE
6911 6912Z 6014ZZE 6314-2NSE
16011 6012ZE 6214ZZE 6015-2NSE
6011 6212ZE 6314ZZE 6215-2NSE
6211 6312ZE 6815ZZ 6315-2NSE
6311 6813Z 6915ZZ 6216-2NSL
6812 6913Z 6015ZZE 6316-2NSL
6912 6013ZE 6215ZZE 6011NKE
16012 6213ZE 6315ZZE 6211NKE
6012 6313ZE 6816ZZ 6311NKE
6212 6814Z 6916ZZ 6012NKE
6312 6914Z 6016ZZ 6212NKE
6813 6014ZE 6216ZZ 6312NKE
6913 6214ZE 6316ZZ 6013NKE
16013 6314ZE 6011NSE 6213NKE
6013 6815Z 6211NSE 6313NKE
6213 6915Z 6311NSE 6014NKE
6313 6015ZE 6012NSE 6214NKE
6814 6215ZE 6212NSE 6314NKE
6914 6315ZE 6312NSE 6015NKE
16014 6816Z 6013NSE 6215NKE
6014 6916Z 6213NSE 6315NKE
6214 6016Z 6313NSE 6216NK
6314 6216Z 6014NSE 6316NK
6815 6316Z 6214NSE 6011-2NKE
6915 6811ZZ 6314NSE 6211-2NKE
16015 6911ZZ 6015NSE 6311-2NKE
6015 6011ZZE 6215NSE 6012-2NKE
6215 6211ZZE 6315NSE 6212-2NKE
6315 6311ZZE 6216NSL 6312-2NKE
6816 6812ZZ 6316NSL 6013-2NKE
6916 6912ZZ 6011-2NSE 6213-2NKE
16016 6012ZZE 6211-2NSE 6313-2NKE
6016 6212ZZE 6311-2NSE 6014-2NKE
6216 6312ZZE 6012-2NSE 6214-2NKE
6316 6813ZZ 6212-2NSE 6314-2NKE
6811Z 6913ZZ 6312-2NSE 6015-2NKE
6911Z 6013ZZE 6013-2NSE 6215-2NKE
6011ZE 6213ZZE 6213-2NSE 6315-2NKE
6211ZE 6313ZZE 6313-2NSE 6216-2NK
6311ZE 6814ZZ 6014-2NSE 6316-2NK

Nachi bearing suffix description:

ZE/Z: Shield one side

ZZE/ZZ: Shield both sides

NKE/NK: Labyrinth seal one side

– 2NKE/– 2NK: Labyrinth seal both sides

NSE/NSL: Contact seal one side

– 2NSE/– 2NSL: Contact seal both sides