KOYO W6305-2RSC3 stainless steel ball bearings



KOYO stainless steel bearings deliver the corrosion resistance and superior hardness of stainless steel making them ideal for applications in food/beverage, medical and other environments where moisture, corrosive or abrasive materials are present.

KOYO W6305-2RSC3 is double sealed type stainless steel ball bearing, you can identified by the prefix W, it means stainless steel type bearing.
KOYO bearing W6305-2RSC3

d : 25mm

D: 62mm

B: 17mm

Load capacity: 10.8 KN – 17.2 KN

Fatigue: 0.475 KN

Running speed: 7500 r/min

Weight: 0.23 KG
The following are KOYO stainless steel ball bearings,

W 619/9-2Z W 61901 W 6302-2RS1 W 6304-2RS1
W 609 W 61901-2Z W 6302-2Z W 6304-2Z
W 609-2Z W 6001 W 61803-2Z W 61905
W 629 W 6001-2RS1 W 61903 W 61905-2RS1
W 629-2Z W 6001-2Z W 61903-2RS1 W 6005
WEEMB 3 W 6201 W 61903-2Z W 6005-2RS1
WEEMB 3-2Z W 6201-2RS1 W 6003 W 6005-2Z
W 61700 W 6201-2Z W 6003-2RS1 W 6205
W 61800 W 6301 W 6003-2Z W 6205-2RS1
W 61800-2RS1 W 6301-2RS1 W 6203 W 6205-2Z
W 61800-2Z W 6301-2Z W 6203-2RS1 W 6305
W 63800-2Z WR 8-2RS1 W 6203-2Z W 6305-2RS1
W 61900 WR 8-2Z W 6303 W 6305-2Z
W 61900-2Z W 61802 W 6303-2RS1 W 6006
W 6000 W 61802-2Z W 6303-2Z W 6006-2RS1
W 6000-2RS1 W 61902 W 61804 W 6006-2Z
W 6000-2Z W 61902-2RS1 W 61804-2RS1 W 6206
W 6200 W 61902-2Z W 61904-2RS1 W 6206-2RS1
W 6200-2RS1 W 6002 W 6004 W 6206-2Z
W 6200-2Z W 6002-2RS1 W 6004-2RS1 W 6306
W 6300 W 6002-2Z W 6004-2Z W 6306-2RS1
W 6300-2RS1 W 6202 W 6204 W 6306-2Z
W 6300-2Z W 6202-2RS1 W 6204-2RS1 W 6007
W 61801 W 6202-2Z W 6204-2Z W 6007-2RS1
W 61801-2Z W 6302 W 6304 W 6007-2Z

KOYO stainless steel ball bearings are made of a proprietary high qulity stainless steel. The bearing hardness, load capacity, and bearing life are very competitive with other types of ball bearing stainless steel. Any requirement with bearings, welcome to contact us.