KOYO UCF218 pillow block bearings



KOYO pillow block bearing units consist of pre-lubricated ball bearings and housing of various shapes, the types are available pillow block, flanged, take-up, cartridge, light duty, light alloy, stainless and pressed steel units.
KOYO pillow block bearing UCF218

Bearing housing NO. F218

Assemble bearing: UC218

Shaft Diameter: 90mm

Height: 235mm

Bolt size: 187mm

Weight: 11.4 KGS

Origin: Made In Japan
The following are KOYO pillow block bearings part NO.
UKP205   UKP206   UKP207   UKP208   UKP209   UKP210   UKP211   UKP212   UKP213   UKP215   UKP216   UKP217   UKP218   UKP219   UKPX05   UKPX06   UKPX07   UKPX08   UKPX09   UKPX10   UKPX11   UKPX12   UKPX13   UKPX15   UKPX16   UKPX17   UKPX18   UKPX20   UKP305   UKP306   UKP307   UKP308   UKP309   UKP310   UKP311   UKP312   UKP313   UKP315   UKP316   UKP317   UKP318   UKP319   UKP320   UKP322   UKP324   UKP326   UKP328

UCIP208   UCIP209   UCIP210   UCIP211   UCIP212   UCIP213   UCIP313   UCIP314   UCIP315   UCIP316   UCIP317   UCIP318   UCIP319   UCIP320   UCIP322   UCIP324   UCIP326   UCIP328   BLP201   BLP202   BLP203   BLP204   BLP205   BLP206   BLP207   BLP208   UP000   UP001   UP002   UP003   UP004   UP005   UP006

UCSP201XH1S6   UCSP202XH1S6   UCSP203XH1S6   UCSP204H1S6   UCSP205H1S6   UCSP206H1S6   UCSP207H1S6   UCSP208H1S6   UCSP209H1S6   UCSP210H1S6   SBPP201   SBPP202   SBPP203   SBPP204   SBPP205   SBPP206   SBPP207   UCF201   UCF202   UCF203   UCF204   UCF205   UCF206   UCF207   UCF208   UCF209   UCF210   UCF211   UCF212   UCF213   UCF214   UCF215   UCF216   UCF217   UCF218   UCFX05   UCFX06   UCFX07   UCFX08   UCFX09   UCFX10   UCFX11   UCFX12   UCFX13   UCFX14   UCFX15   UCFX16   UCFX17   UCFX18   UCFX20   UCF305   UCF306   UCF307   UCF308   UCF309   UCF310   UCF311   UCF312   UCF313   UCF314   UCF315   UCF316   UCF317   UCF318   UCF319   UCF320   UCF321   UCF322
KOYO bearings take advantages of aligning themselves using the spherical fitting surface between the bearing housing, they provide excellent load and resistance. Welcome to contact us for KOYO pillow block bearings.