Koyo NJ2213C3 Cylindrical roller bearing



Description of Koyo NJ2213C3 Cylindrical roller bearing

Inside diameter=65 mm

Outside diameter=120 mm

Thickness=31 mm

Weight=1.43 kg

Basic dynamic load rating=120 kN

Basic static load rating=149 kN

Limiting speed with Grease lub.=4800 rpm

Limiting speed with oil lub.=6400 rpm

Parts product list of Koyo Cylindrical roller bearing

NU209 NUP209 NUP2313R NJ2212R NU2214R
NU209R NUP209R NUP413 NJ312 NU3214
NU2209 NUP2209 N413 NJ312R NU314
NU2209R NUP2209R NF413 NJ2312 NU314R
NU3209 NUP309 NU2211R NJ2312R NU2314
NU309 NUP309R NU3211 NJ412 NU2314R
NU309R NUP2309 NJ2211R NUP212R NU3314
NU2309 NUP2309R NUP2211R NUP2212 NU414
NU2309R NUP409 NU311 NUP2212R NU1015
NU3309 NUP1010 NJ311 NUP312 NJ214R
NU409 NUP210 NUP311 NUP312R NJ2214
NU1010 NUP210R N311 NUP2312 NJ2214R
NU210 NUP2210 NF311 NUP2312R NJ314
NU210R NUP2210R NU311R NUP412 NJ314R
NU2210 NUP310 NU2311 NUP1013 NJ2314
NU2210R NUP310R NU2311R N312 NJ2314R
NU3210 NUP2310 NU3311 N412 NJ414
NU310 NUP2310R NJ311R NF312 NUP214R
NU310R NUP410 NJ2311 NF412 NUP2214
NU2310 NUP1011 NJ2311R NU213 NUP2214R
NU2310R NUP211 NUP311R NJ213 NUP314
NU3310 NUP211R NUP2311 NUP213 NUP314R
NU410 NUP2211 NUP2311R N213 NUP2314
NU1011 N209 NU411 NF213 NUP2314R
NU211 N309 NJ411 NU213R NUP414
NU211R N409 NUP411 NU2213 NUP1015
NU2211 N210 N411 NU2213R N314
NJ209 N310 NF411 NU3213 N414
NJ209R N410 NU1012 NJ213R NF314
NJ2209 N211 NUP1012 NJ2213 NF414
NJ2209R NF209 NU212 NJ2213R NU215
NJ309 NF309 NJ212 NUP213R NJ215
NJ309R NF409 NUP212 NUP2213 NUP215
NJ2309 NF210 N212 NUP2213R N215
NJ2309R NF310 NF212 NU313 NF215
NI409 NF410 NU212R NJ313 NU215R
NJ210 NF211 NU2212 NUP313 NU2215
NJ210R NU313R NU2212R N313 NU2215R
NJ2210 NU2313 NU3212 NF313 NU3215
NJ2210R NU2313R NU312 NU1014 NJ215R
NJ310 NU3313 NU312R NUP1014 NJ2215
NJ310R NU413 NU2312 NU214 NJ2215R
NJ2310 NJ313R NU2312R NJ214 NUP215R
NJ2310R NJ2313 NU3312 NUP214 NUP2215
NJ410 NJ2313R NU412 N214 NUP2215R
NJ211 NJ413 NU1013 NF214 NU315
NJ211R NUP313R NJ212R NU214R NJ315
NJ2211 NUP2313 NJ2212 NU2214 NUP315

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