KOYO eccentric bearings 85UZS89V for Reduction Gear



CMTG Bearing Supplies distributes various kinds of KOYO eccentric bearings, as well as antifriction bearings, integrated eccentric bearing assemblies, Reductions Gear bearings and precision bearings. These are NTN and KOYO brand, originally made in Japan.
JAPANESE KOYO bearings and NTN eccentric bearings are widely used in general machinery and other professional field. It’s one of most important parts for reduction box or reduction gear, the feature is that there is an eccentric hole on the internal bore of inner ring.

15UZ21006T2     15UZE20987T2     20UZS80T2X     35UZ864351T2
    15UZ210119T2     15UZE8111T2     22UZ21135T2PX1     35UZ8643-51T2S
    15UZ21017T2     15UZE20917T2     22UZ311 22UZ329     35UZ8659T2
    15UZ21021T2     15UZE20921T2     22UZ335     35UZ8659T2S
    15UZ2102529T2     15UZE2092529T2     22UZ6120608T2X-RX     35UZ8671/659T2
    15UZ21035T2     15UZE20935T2     22UZ830611T2XPX1     35UZ8671/659T2S
    15UZ21043T2     15UZE20935T2     22UZ831729T2XPX1     35UZ8687T2
    15UZ21051T2     15UZE20908-15T2     22UZ8335T2     35UZ8687T2S
    15UZ21059T2     15UZE20951/814359T2     22UZ8343T2XPX1     60UZS87T2
    15UZ21071T2     15UZE20971/8187T2     22UZ8387T2XPX1     60UZS87V
    15UZ2108-15T2     15UZE20906T2     25UZ850611T2     65UZS88T2
    15UZ21087T2     15UZE20908-15T2     25UZ8506-11T2     85UZS89V
    15UZ8211T2     25UZ854359T2     25UZ8506-11     85UZS220
    15UZ8217AT2     25UZ8543-59T2     25UZ8506-11T2S     85UZS89
    15UZ8229T2     25UZ8543-59T2S     25UZ21043TR     85UZS89T2
    15UZ8235T2     25UZ857187T2     25UZ851317T2     95UZS221
    15UZ824359T2     25UZ857187T2S     25UZ8513/17T2     95UZS621
    15UZ8287T2     35UZ860608T2     25UZ8513/17T2S     100UZS222
    15UZE8117T2     30UZS83     25UZ852125/417T2     100UZS90
    15UZE8129T2     30UZS84     25UZ852125/417T2S     100UZS90V
    15UZE8135T2     35UZ860608T2S     25UZ852935T2     105UZS223
    15UZE20906T2     15UZE209119T2     35UZ86111315T2     125UZS224
    19UZS208T2     20UZS80     35UZ8611-15T2S     130UZS91
    15UZE20943T2     15UZE20959T2     35UZ86172125T2     130UZS91V
    15UZE20951T2     15UZE20971T2     35UZ8617-25T2S     140UZS225
    35UZ862935T2     140UZS226
    35UZ8629-35T2S     140UZS93

If u have any requirement for KOYO 85UZS89V Eccentric bearings from stock, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to establishing friendly relationships with you in the near future!