KOYO 67780/67720D+L double row tapered roller bearings



TDO series bearing is composed of a double row cup, two single row cones and an inner ring spacer. It has oil groove and oil holes on the outer ring, which is convenient from external to internal bearing lubrication. In order to get the right clearance, it adjusts the bearing inner ring spacer to achieve proper pre-load. It may also needn’t adjust the spacer and use any adjustment method for installation but the operation is more troublesome, it’s especially suitable for moment occasions such as reducer or hoist.
KOYO: 67780/67720D+L

Type: solid outer ring double row tapered roller bearings TDO structure


Inner ring diameter: 165.1mm

Outer ring diameter: 247.65mm

Inner ring depth: 103.188mm

Outer ring depth: 84.138mm

Weight: 16.9 KGS

Load capacity: 593KN – 1400KN
The following are part no. for KOYO-JIKET double row tapered roller bearings,

45T464318A-1 46232A HM259049./HM259010D.
45320 45T484614 46332 46T645625A
45322 45T524616 46332A H961649/H961610D
45224 45T524216 46T322715 46264
45324 45T553913 46T322815 46264A
48290D/48220 45T564818B 46T32232JR/144 46T644822AC
95499D/95925 45T564111 HM237532/HM237510D 46364
EE153053D/153100 45T573809B 46T332914 46364A
45226 45T604212-1 46T332915 46T645524AC
45326 45T604411M L433749/L433710D EE971298/972102D
74510D/74850 45T604411N-1/P1 46790R/46720D EE971298/972151D
67390D/67322 45T604818 67780/67720D 46T665019
67390D/67320 45T605016 M235145/M235113D   E E1613 00/1619 01D
48393D/48320 45T605020-3 94649/94114D EE526130/526191D
H228648D/H228610 45T605218 HM237535/HM237510D EE526132/526191D
48680D/48620 45T602729 HM237535/HM237511XD 46T665329
45228 45T614820-1 6782/67720D HM261049/HM261010D
45328 45T615020 46T342510 46T685015
45T282809 45T615050-1 46T343619 46T6850
99587D/99100 45T615020B M235149/M235113D 46268
45230 45T615020D-2 46234 46268A
45T302308 45T615620B 46234A 46368
45330 45T615620D 46334 46368A
45T302510A 45T644512 46334A 46T685824
M231649D/M231610 45T644816A 46T343120-1 46T685831C
99600D/99100 45T645418 94675/94114D EE971354/972102D
99603D/99100 45T645620 67786/67720D EE971354/972151D
45232 45T664612 67787/67720D EE161363/161901D
45T322411 45T685514 94687/94114D HM262749/HM262710D
45332 45T684919-1 HM237542/HM237510D EE333137/333203D
45234 45T695520 46T3532 46T715219C
45334 45T705919A-1 36990/36920D L163149/L163110D
67790D/67720 45T705919D 67790/67720D EE161400/161901D
82670D/82620 45T706220 67791/67720D EE231400/231976D
EE91700D/91112 45T725712 M238840/M238810D EE231400/232026D
94706D/94113 45T735114A EE91702/91113XD EE333140/333203D
HM237546D/HM237510 45T755013A 94700/94114D 46272
HM237546DD/HM237510 45T765526 HM237545/HM237510D 46272A
EE280700D/281200 45T765619 HM237545/HM237511XD 46T725418
45T362509 45T765620 EE280702/281201D 46T725932
45236 45T765720A EE222070/222127D 46372
45336 45T766524 93708/93127D 46372A
45T363319 45T766524-2 93708/93128XD 46T745221
M238849D/M238810 45T767028A 46236 HM265049/HM265010D
EE222074D/222126 45T765518 46236A EE181453/182351D
H239649D/H239610 45T785618 46336 46T746828AC
EE222074D/222128 45T785718A 46336A EE231462/231976D
H239649D/H239612 45T786020 46T363016 EE231462/232026D
45238 45T806015A 46T30236JR/99 46T765215
45T2383014 45T806520D 46T32236JR/152 46276
45338 2TR400L 46T363417 46276A
EE420750D/421437 2TR400L-4/DP 67883/67820D 46376
EE420750D/421450 45T815514 46T372914 46T766224
93788D/93125 45T825816A-1 67884/67820D 46376A
45240 45T865408 M238849/M238810D EE192150/192201D
45340 45T866020 87737/87112D HM266447/HM266410D
45T403415 45T886516A H239649/H239612D M268730/M268710D
93800D/93125 45T896216 46238 HM266449/HM266410D
93801D/93125 45T908230U 46238A 46T775522
EE420800D/421437 45T908332-1 46338 46T786325
EE420800D/421450 45T926215 46338A EE234154/234213D
67985D/67920 45T947027A 46T383217C EE234154/234216D
H242629D/H242610 45T947222/DP 46T302838JR/105 EE234156/234213D
LM742749D/LM742710 45T966616-1 46T32238JR/160 EE234156/234216D
LM742749D/LM742714 45T977319 67885/67820D 46T805414
9974D/9920 45T977320C 87750/877112D 46280
9977D/9920 45T977320D 93750/93127D 46280A
45T443112 45T977320J EE420751/421451D 46T806021
H244849D/H244810 2TR500-3 87762/87112D 46380
45T443208 2TR500J L540049/L540010D 46380A
45244 2TR510L-1 LM739749/LM739710D 46T806528AC
45344 2TR510-2 46240 EE234160/234213D
45T444025 2TR600-2 46240A EE234160/234216D
M244249D/M244210 2TR620 46T403115 EE285160/285228D
45T464318D 2TR630B 46T403115 46T815718
EE529091D/529157 2TR635B-1 46T406215 EE833160X/833233D
45246 2TR660C 46T403318 EE736160/736239D
8576D/8520 2TR686A 46340 EE911600/912401D
H247549D/H247510 2TR686C 46340A EE571602/572651D
45T484012 2TR718 46T403615 EE571602/572653D
45248 2TR780A 46T30240JR/110 M667948/M667911D
45348 2TR900-1 93787/93127D M268749/M268710D
45T484012 48290TD/48220 EE130787/131401D 46284
45T483611 67390TD/67322 H247535/H247510D 46284A
EE170951D/171400 74539TD/74850 LM241149/LM241110D 46T846219
EE170951D/171450 48685TD/48620 67983/67920D 46T846224
EE127097D/127135 82581TD/82950 M241547/M241510D 46384

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