KOYO 22340RHRW33 spherical roller bearing



KOYO spherical roller bearings usually classified into three types according to their internal structure, R (RR), RH(RHR) and RHA. R or RR is the convex asymmetrical roller type, RH or RHR and RHA is convex symmetrical roller type. All these types are available in tapered inner bore K or K30 and cylindrical inner bore.
KOYO spherical roller bearing can accommodate radial load and axial load in both directions, the tapered bore type can be easily mounted/dismounted by using an adapter or withdrawal sleeves.

KOYO roller bearings 22340RHRW33

Dimension: 200mm x 420mm x 138mm

Weight: 95KGS/PC

Origin: Made in Japan

Stock available: 10 PCS

Load capacity: 2900kn
The following are our hot-selling spherical roller bearings,

23022RHKW33 24024RHK30W33 23120RHKW33
23024RHKW33 24026RHK30W33 23122RHKW33
23026RHKW33 24028RHK30W33 23124RHKW33
23028RHKW33 24030RHK30W33 23126RHKW33
23030RHKW33 24032RHAK30W33 23128RHKW33
23032RHAKW33 24034RHAK30W33 23130RHKW33
23034RHAKW33 24036RHAK30W33 23132RHAKW33
23036RHAKW33 24038RHAK30W33 23134RHAKW33
23038RHAKW33 24040RHAK30W33 23136RHAKW33
23040RHAKW33 24044RHAK30W33 23138RHAKW33
23044RHAKW33 24049RHAK30W33 23140RHAKW33
23048RHAKW33 24052RHAK30W33 23144RHAKW33
23052RHAKW33 24056RHAK30W33 23148RHAKW33
23056RHAKW33 24060RHAK30W33 23152RHAKW33
23060RHAKW33 24064RHAK30W33 23156RHAKW33
23064RHAKW33 24068RHAK30W33 23160RHAKW33
23068RHAKW33 24072RHAK30W33 23164RHAKW33
23072RHAKW33 24076RHAK30W33 23168RHAKW33
23076RHAKW33 24080RHAK30W33 23172RHAKW33
23080RHAKW33 24084RHAK30W33 23176RHAKW33
23084RHAKW33 24088RHAK30W33 23180RHAKW33
23088RHAKW33 24092RHAK30W33 23184RHAKW33
23092RHAKW33 24096RHAK30W33 23188RHAKW33
23096RHAKW33 240/500RHAK30W33 23192RHAKW33
230/500RHAKW33 23196RHAKW33
24122RHW33K30 22208RHW33K 23218RHW33K
24124RHW33K30 22209RHW33K 23219RHW33K
24126RHW33K30 22210RHW33K 23220RHW33K
24128RHW33K30 22211RHW33K 23222RHW33K
24130RHAW33K30 22212RHW33K 23224RHW33K
24132RHAW33K30 22213RHW33K 23226RHW33K
24134RHAW33K30 22214RHW33K 23228RHW33K
24136RHAW33K30 22215RHW33K 23230RHAW33K
24138RHAW33K30 22216RHW33K 23232RHAW33K
24140RHAW33K30 22217RHW33K 23234RHAW33K
24144RHAW33K30 22218RHW33K 23236RHAW33K
24148RHAW33K30 22219RHAW33K 23238RHAW33K
24152RHAW33K30 22220RHAW33K 23240RHAW33K
24156RHAW33K30 22222RHAW33K 23244RHAW33K
24160RHAW33K30 22224RHAW33K 23248RHAW33K
24164RHAW33K30 22226RHAW33K 23252RHAW33K
24168RHAW33K30 22228RHAW33K 23256RHAW33K
24172RHAW33K30 22230RHAW33K 23260RHAW33K
24180RHAW33K30 22232RHAW33K 23264RHAW33K
24184RHAW33K30 22234RHAW33K 23268RHAW33K
24188RHAW33K30 22236RHAW33K 23272RHAW33K
22268RHAW33K 22238RHAW33K 23276RHAW33K
22272RHAW33K 22240RHAW33K 23280RHAW33K
22276RHAW33K 22244RHAW33K 23284RHAW33K
22280RHAW33K 22248RHAW33K 23288RHAW33K
22284RHAW33K 22252RHAW33K 23292RHAW33K
22288RHAW33K 22256RHAW33K 23296RHAW33K
22264RHAW33K 22260RHAW33K 232/500RHAW33K

With the bearing designed such that the circular arc center of the outer ring raceway matches with the bearing center, the KOYO spherical roller bearing is self-aligning, insensitive to errors of alignment of the shaft relative to the housing, and to shaft bending. We’re looking forward to receive your enquiry.

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