Japan NSK bearings 32224 J



NSK bearing 32224 J is single row, original made in Japan plant, these bearings are capable of taking high radial loads and also axial loads in one direction.NSK tapered roller bearings are made of advanced materials – patented materials including high TF and super TF which are for more arduous work conditions.
Part NO.:32224J

Brand: NSK

Type: single row metric size

Inner diameter: 120mm

Outer diameter: 215mm

Thickness: 61.5mm

Weight: 9.3KGS

Radial load: 485Kn – 730kn

Limiting speed: 3150 1/min

Reference speed: 2120 1/min

Origin: made in Japan
The following are Japanese NSK single row tapered roller bearings,

HR32203J HR32304J HR32907XJ HR33108J
HR32204J HR32305J HR32908XJ HR33109J
HR32205J HR32306J HR32909XJ HR33110J
HR32206J HR32307J HR32910XJ HR33111J
HR32207J HR32308J HR32911XJ HR33112J
HR32208J HR32309J HR32912XJ HR33113J
HR32209J HR32310J HR32913XJ HR33114J
HR32210J HR32311J HR32914XJ HR33115J
HR32211J HR32312J HR32915XJ HR33116J
HR32212J HR32313J HR32916XJ HR33117J
HR32213J HR32314J HR32917XJ HR33118J
HR32214J HR32315J HR32918XJ HR33119J
HR32215J HR32316J HR32919XJ HR33120J
HR32216J HR32317J HR32920XJ HR33122J
HR32217J 32318J HR32921XJ HR33124J
HR32218J 32319J HR32922XJ HR33126J
HR32219J 32320J 32924XJ HR33205J
HR32220J 32321J 32926XJ HR332/28J
32222J 32322J 32928XJ HR33206J
32224J 32324J 32930XJ HR332/32J
32226J HR32020 32932XJ HR33207J
32228J HR32021 32934XJ HR33208J
32230J HR32022 32936XJ HR33209J
32232J HR32024 32938XJ HR33210J
32234J HR32026 32940XJ HR33211J
32236J HR32028 32944XJ HR33212J
32238J HR32030 32948XJ HR33213J
32240J HR32032 32952XJ HR33214J
32244J HR32034 32956XJ HR33215J
32248J HR32036 32960XJ HR33216J
32252J HR32038 32964XJ 33217J
32256J HR32040 32968XJ 33218J
32260J HR32044 32972XJ 33219J
32264J HR32048 HR32060 33220J
HR32056 HR32052 HR32064 33221J

NSK tapered roller bearing is mainly used for medium and large motors, generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, machine tool spindles, deceleration devices, and material handling machinery and various types of industrial machinery. Whenever you purchase these items for your machines, welcome to contact us.