INA ZARF3080-2RS-PE Needle roller bearings



INA ZARF3080-2RS-PE Needle roller bearing is a part number of INA combination double row needle roller bearings. This kind of Needle roller bearings can load high axial and radial forces in two directions.

Product data of INA ZARF3080-2RS-PE Needle roller bearings

d=30 mm

D=80 mm

B=50 mm

mass=0.85 kg

Part Stocklist of our INA Needle roller bearings

ZARF 1560 L TN ZARF1560-L-TV ZARF 55145 L TN ZARF55145-L-TV ZARN 4075 L TN ZARN4075-L-TV
ZARF 1560 TN ZARF1560-TV ZARF 55145 TN ZARF55145-TV ZARN 4075 TN ZARN4075-TV
ZARF 1762 L TN ZARF1762-L-TV ZARF 60150 L TN ZARF60150-L-TV ZARN 4090 L TN ZARN4090-L-TV
ZARF 1762 TN ZARF1762-TV ZARF 60150 TN ZARF60150-TV ZARN 4090 TN ZARN4090-TV
ZARF 2068 L TN ZARF2068-L-TV ZARF 65155 L TN ZARF65155-L-TV ZARN 45105 L TN ZARN45105-L-TV
ZARF 2068 TN ZARF2068-TV ZARF 65155 TN ZARF65155-TV ZARN 45105 TN ZARN45105-TV
ZARF 2080 L TN ZARF2080-L-TV ZARF 70160 L TN ZARF70160-L-TV ZARN 4580 L TN ZARN4580-L-TV
ZARF 2080 TN ZARF2080-TV ZARF 70160 TN ZARF70160-TV ZARN 4580 TN ZARN4580-TV
ZARF 2575 L TN ZARF2575-L-TV ZARF 75185 L TN ZARF75185-L-TV ZARN 50110 L TN ZARN50110-L-TV
ZARF 2575 TN ZARF2575-TV ZARF 75185 TN ZARF75185-TV ZARN 50110 TN ZARN50110-TV
ZARF 2590 L TN ZARF2590-L-TV ZARF 90210 L TN ZARF90210-L-TV ZARN 5090 L TN ZARN5090-L-TV
ZARF 2590 TN ZARF2590-TV ZARF 90210 TN ZARF90210-TV ZARN 5090 TN ZARN5090-TV
ZARF 30105 L TN ZARF30105-L-TV ZARN 1545 L TN ZARN1545-L-TV ZARN 55115 L TN ZARN55115-L-TV
ZARF 30105 TN ZARF30105-TV ZARN 1545 TN ZARN1545-TV ZARN 55115 TN ZARN55115-TV
ZARF 3080 L TN ZARF3080-L-TV ZARN 1747 L TN ZARN1747-L-TV ZARN 60120 L TN ZARN60120-L-TV
ZARF 3080 TN ZARF3080-TV ZARN 1747 TN ZARN1747-TV ZARN 60120 TN ZARN60120-TV
ZARF 35110 L TN ZARF35110-L-TV ZARN 2052 L TN ZARN2052-L-TV ZARN 65125 L TN ZARN65125-L-TV
ZARF 35110 TN ZARF35110-TV ZARN 2052 TN ZARN2052-TV ZARN 65125 TN ZARN65125-TV
ZARF 3590 L TN ZARF3590-L-TV ZARN 2062 L TN ZARN2062-L-TV ZARN 70130 L TN ZARN70130-L-TV
ZARF 3590 TN ZARF3590-TV ZARN 2062 TN ZARN2062-TV ZARN 70130 TN ZARN70130-TV
ZARF 40100 L TN ZARF40100-L-TV ZARN 2557 L TN ZARN2557-L-TV ZARN 75155 L TN ZARN75155-L-TV
ZARF 40100 TN ZARF40100-TV ZARN 2557 TN ZARN2557-TV ZARN 75155 TN ZARN75155-TV
ZARF 40115 L TN ZARF40115-L-TV ZARN 2572 L TN ZARN2572-L-TV ZARN 90180 L TN ZARN90180-L-TV
ZARF 40115 TN ZARF40115-TV ZARN 2572 TN ZARN2572-TV ZARN 90180 TN ZARN90180-TV
ZARF 45105 L TN ZARF45105-L-TV ZARN 3062 L TN ZARN3062-L-TV ZAXFM 0535 ZAXFM0535
ZARF 45105 TN ZARF45105-TV ZARN 3062 TN ZARN3062-TV ZAXFM 0635 ZAXFM0635
ZARF 45130 L TN ZARF45130-L-TV ZARN 3080 L TN ZARN3080-L-TV ZAXFM 0835 ZAXFM0835
ZARF 45130 TN ZARF45130-TV ZARN 3080 TN ZARN3080-TV ZAXFM 1055 ZAXFM1055
ZARF 50115 L-TN ZARF50115-L-TV ZARN 3570 L TN ZARN3570-L-TV ZAXFM 1255 ZAXFM1255
ZARF 50115 TN ZARF50115-TV ZARN 3570 TN ZARN3570-TV ZAXFM 1555 ZAXFM1555
ZARF 50140 L TN ZARF50140-L-TV ZARN 3585 L TN ZARN3585-L-TV ZAXFM 2075 ZAXFM2075
ZARF 50140 TN ZARF50140-TV ZARN 3585 TN ZARN3585-TV ZAXFM 2575 ZAXFM2575

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