INA track roller bearings LR5306 NPPU



INA LR5000 series are track roller bearings, there are more than 3000 designs for all current applications. With 60 years development, INA track roller bearings have stood for creative applications solutions as well as top engineering and production expertise to the worldwide customers.
INA bearing LR5306 NPPU

Dimension: 30mm x 80mm x 30.2mm

Weight: 0.37 KGS

Radial effective dynamic load rating as track roller: 35500N

Radial effective static load rating as track roller: 25500N

Fatigue limit road: 1330N

Speed: 3100 1/min

Origin: made in Germany
The following are INA track roller bearings list,

LR 200 NPPU LR200-2RS
LR 200 NPP LR200-X-2RS
LR200-2RS-X LR200-X-2RS
LR 201 NPPU LR201-2RSR
LR 201 NPP LR201-X-2RSR
LR201-2RSR-X LR201-X-2RSR
LR 202 NPPU LR202-2RSR
LR 202 NPP LR202-X-2RSR
LR202-2RSR-X LR202-X-2RSR
LR 203 NPPU LR203-2RSR
LR 203 NPP LR203-X-2RSR
LR203-2RSR-X LR203-X-2RSR
LR 204 NPPU LR204-2RSR
LR 204 NPP LR204-X-2RSR
LR204-2RSR-X LR204-X-2RSR
LR 205 NPPU LR205-2RSR
LR 205 NPP LR205-X-2RSR
LR205-2RSR-X LR205-X-2RSR
LR 206 NPPU LR206-2RS
LR 206 NPP LR206-X-2RS
LR206-2RS-X LR206-X-2RS
LR 207 NPPU LR207-2RS
LR 207 NPP LR207-X-2RS
LR207-2RS-X LR207-X-2RS
LR 209 NPPU LR209-2RS
LR 209 NPP LR209-X-2RS
LR209-2RS-X LR209-X-2RS
LR 50/5 NPPU LR50/5-2RSR
LR 50/6 NPPU LR50/6-2RSR
LR 50/7 NPPU LR50/7-2RSR
LR 50/8 NPPU LR50/8-2RSR
LR 5000 NPPU LR5000-2RS
LR 5001 NPPU LR5001-2RS
LR 5002 NPPU LR5002-2RS
LR 5003 NPPU LR5003-2RS
LR 5004 NPPU LR5004-2RS
LR 5005 NPPU LR5005-2RS
LR 5006 NPPU LR5006-2RS
LR 5007 NPPU LR5007-2RS
LR 5200 NPPU LR5200-2RS
LR 5200 KDDU LR5200-2Z
LR 5200 KDD LR5200-X-2Z
LR5200-2Z-X LR5200-X-2Z
LR 5201 NPPU LR5201-2RS
LR 5201 KDDU LR5201-2Z
LR 5201 KDD LR5201-X-2Z
LR5201-2Z-X LR5201-X-2Z
LR 5202 NPPU LR5202-2RS
LR 5202 KDDU LR5202-2Z
LR 5202 KDD LR5202-X-2Z
LR5202-2Z-X LR5202-X-2Z
LR 5203 NPPU LR5203-2RS
LR 5203 KDDU LR5203-2Z
LR 5203 KDD LR5203-X-2Z
LR5203-2Z-X LR5203-X-2Z
LR 5204 NPPU LR5204-2RS
LR 5204 KDDU LR5204-2Z
LR 5204 KDD LR5204-X-2Z
LR5204-2Z-X LR5204-X-2Z
LR 5205 NPPU LR5205-2RS
LR 5205 KDDU LR5205-2Z
LR 5205 KDD LR5205-X-2Z
LR5205-2Z-X LR5205-X-2Z
LR 5206 NPPU LR5206-2RS
LR 5206 KDDU LR5206-2Z
LR 5206 KDD LR5206-X-2Z
LR5206-2Z-X LR5206-X-2Z
LR 5207 NPPU LR5207-2RS
LR 5207 KDDU LR5207-2Z
LR 5207 KDD LR5207-X-2Z
LR5207-2Z-X LR5207-X-2Z
LR 5208 NPPU LR5208-2RS
LR 5208 KDDU LR5208-2Z
LR 5208 KDD LR5208-X-2Z
LR5208-2Z-X LR5208-X-2Z
LR 5303 NPPU LR5303-2RS
LR 5304 NPPU LR5304-2RS
LR 5304 KDDU LR5304-2Z
LR 5305 NPPU LR5305-2RS
LR 5305 KDDU LR5305-2Z
LR 5306 NPPU LR5306-2RS
LR 5306 KDDU LR5306-2Z
LR 5307 NPPU LR5307-2RS
LR 5307 KDDU LR5307-2Z
LR 5308 NPPU LR5308-2RS
LR 5308 KDDU LR5308-2Z
LR 6000 NPPU LR6000-2RSR
LR 6001 NPPU LR6001-2RSR
LR 604 NPPU LR604-2RSR
LR 605 NPPU LR605-2RSR
LR 606 NPPU LR606-2RSR
LR 607 NPPU LR607-2RSR
LR 608 NPPU LR608-2RSR

INA Track rollers can support high radial loads and axial loads arising from misalignments and skewed running and are suitable for cam drives, slide ways, conveying equipment etc. If there is any further requirement about INA track roller bearings, contact us freely.