INA SL014938 cylindrical roller bearings



INA SL014938 is locating bearing, double row full complement cylindrical roller bearing set, it’s equivalent with the FAG NNC4938V. INA SL0148 and SL0149 series are locating bearings, they can support axial forces from both directions as well as radial forces, while SL0248 and SL0249 are non-locating bearings, they can only support radial force.
INA bearing designation: SL014938

d: 190mm

D: 260mm

B: 69mm

Radial basic dynamic load rating: 580kn

Radial static load rating: 1270kn

Limiting speed: 1440 1/min

Reference speed: 860 1/min

Weight: 11.2KGS

Origin: Made in Germany
The following are INA SL series full complement cylindrical roller bearings,

SL 04 5011-PP SL11914-A SL183004 SL182228
SL014830-A SL11916-A SL183004-A-XL SL182230
SL014840-A SL11918-A SL183005 SL182232
SL014844-A SL11920-A SL183005-A-XL SL182234
SL014848-A SL11924-A SL183006 SL182236
SL014852-A SL11926-A SL183006-A-XL SL182238
SL014856-A SL11940-A SL183006-A-XL-C3 SL182240
SL014860-A SL11952-A SL183007-A-XL SL1829/500
SL014872-A SL12916-A SL183007-A-XL-C3 SL1829/500-B
SL014876-A SL14918-A SL183008 SL182912
SL014912-A SL14920-A SL183008-A-C2 SL182912-B-XL
SL014914-A SL14924-A SL183008-A-XL SL182913
SL014914-A-C3 SL15916-A SL183009 SL182913-B-XL
SL014916-A SL15920-A SL183009-A-XL SL182913-B-XL-C3
SL014918-A SL15924-A SL183009-A-XL-C3 SL182914-B-XL
SL014922-A SL171836-A SL183010 SL182914-B-XL-C3
SL014926-A-C3 SL171840-A SL183010-A-XL SL182915
SL014932-A SL172938-A SL183011 SL182915-B-XL
SL014936-A SL1818/500-E SL183011-A-XL SL182916
SL014936-A-C3 SL181834-A SL183012 SL182916-B-XL
SL014944-A SL181834-A-C3 SL183012-A-XL SL182917-B-XL
SL014952-A SL181836-A SL183013 SL182918
SL024830-A SL181836-A-C3 SL183013-A-XL SL182918-B-XL-C3
SL024834-A SL181838-A-C3 SL183014 SL182919
SL024836-A SL181840 SL183015-A-XL SL182919-B-XL
SL024836-A-C3 SL181840-A SL183015-A-XL-C3 SL182920-B-XL
SL024838-A SL181840-A-C3 SL183016 SL182920-B-XL-C3
SL024840-A SL181844 SL183016-A SL182922
SL024912-A SL181844-A-C3 SL183016-A-C3 SL182922-B-XL
SL024914-A SL181848-E SL183017-A SL182922-B-XL-C3
SL024916-A SL181852-E SL183018 SL182924-B-XL-C3
SL024918-A SL181856-E SL183018-A SL182926
SL024918-A-C3 SL181856-E-C3 SL183018-A-C3 SL182928-B-XL
SL024922-A SL181860-E SL183020 SL182928-B-XL-C2
SL024926-A SL181864-E SL183022 SL182928-B-XL-C3
SL024928-A SL181868-E SL183022-A SL182930
SL024930-A SL181872-E SL183024-A SL182930-B-XL-C3
SL024932-A SL181876-E SL183026-A SL182932
SL024934-A SL181876-E-C3 SL183028 SL182932-B-XL-C3
SL04060 SL181880-E SL183028-A-C3 SL182934
SL04060-PP SL181884-E SL183030 SL182934-B-XL
SL04090 SL181888-E SL183030-A SL182936
SL04130-PP SL181892-E SL183032 SL182938
SL04140-PP-C5 SL181896-E SL183034 SL182938-B-XL
SL04160-PP SL182026-A SL183036 SL182938-B-XL-C3
SL04170-PP SL182204 SL183040 SL182940-B-XL
SL04190-PP SL182205 SL183044 SL182948
SL045004-PP SL182205-A-XL SL183052 SL182948C3
SL045005 SL182206 SL183056 SL182952
SL045005-PP SL182206-A-XL SL183060 SL182956
SL045006 SL182207 SL183060-A-C3 SL182956C3
SL045006-PP SL182207-A-XL SL183064 SL182960
SL045007-PP SL182208 SL183068 SL182964
SL045008-PP SL182208-A-XL SL183072 SL182968
SL045009 SL182209 SL183072-A-C3 SL182972
SL045009-C3 SL182209-A-XL-C3 SL183076 SL182976
SL045009-PP SL182210 SL183080 SL182976-B
SL045010-2Z SL182210-A-XL SL184912-A SL182980
SL045010-PP SL182210-A-XL-C3 SL184916-A SL182984
SL045011-C5 SL182211 SL184920-A SL182984-B
SL045012-P-C3 SL182211-A-XL SL184922-A SL182988
SL045013-PP SL182211-A-XL-C3 SL184936-A SL182992
SL045013-PP-C3 SL182212-A-XL SL184940-A SL182992-B-C3
SL045018-PP SL182213 SL185004 SL182996
SL045022-PP SL182213-A-XL SL185004-A SL185012-A-C3
SL045026-PP SL182214 SL185005 SL185013
SL045028-PP SL182214-A-C3 SL185005-A SL185013-A
SL045030-PP SL182215 SL185006 SL185014
SL045032-PP SL182216-A SL185006-A SL185014-A
SL045036-PP SL182217 SL185007 SL185014-A-C3
SL045038-PP SL182218 SL185007-A SL185015-A
SL05016-E SL182218-A SL185007-A-C3 SL185016-A
SL05018-E SL182219 SL185008-A SL185016-A-C3
SL05022-E SL182219-A-C3 SL185008-A-C2 SL185017
SL05024-E SL182220 SL185008-A-C3 SL185017-A
SL05028-E SL182220-A SL185009 SL185017-A-C3
SL05030-E SL182220-A-C3 SL185009-A SL185018
SL05036-E SL182222 SL185010-A SL185018-A
SL05036-E-C3 SL182222-A SL185010-A-C3 SL185020
SL06024-E SL182224 SL185011-A SL185020-A
SL06028-E SL182224-A SL185011-A-C3 SL185022
SL06036-E SL182226 SL185012-A SL185024

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