INA Inner rings IR25X30X20.5



INA bearing accessary Inner rings IR25X30X20.5 have a precision machined raceway. Chamfers on the end faces allow easy insertion into the bearing and prevent damage to the seal lips of the bearings.

Product data of INA Inner rings IR25X30X20.5

d= 25 mm

F= 30 mm

B= 20.5 mm

m= 33.4 g

Part Stocklist of our INA inner rings.

IR5X8X12 IR20X25X20 IR38X43X20 IR75X85X54
IR5X8X16 IR20X25X20,5 IR38X43X30 IR80X90X25
IR6X9X12 IR20X25X26,5 IR40X45X17 IR80X90X30
IR6X9X16 IR20X25X30 IR40X45X20 IR80X90X35
IR7X10X10,5 IR20X25X38,5 IR40X45X20,5 IR80X90X54
IR7X10X12 IR20X28X20 IR40X45X30 IR85X95X26
IR7X10X16 IR22X26X16 IR40X48X22 IR85X95X36
IR8X12X10,5 IR22X26X20 IR40X48X40 IR85X100X35
IR8X12X12,5 IR22X28X17 IR40X50X22 IR85X100X63
IR9X12X12 IR22X28X20 IR42X47X20 IR90X100X26
IR9X12X16 IR22X28X20,5 IR42X47X30 IR90X100X30
IR10X13X12,5 IR22X28X30 IR45X50X25 IR90X100X36
IR10X14X13 IR25X29X20 IR45X50X25,5 IR90X105X35
IR10X14X16 IR25X29X30 IR45X50X35 IR90X105X63
IR10X14X20 IR25X30X17 IR45X52X22 IR95X105X26
IR12X15X12 IR25X30X20 IR45X52X40 IR95X105X36
IR12X15X12,5 IR25X30X20,5 IR45X55X22 IR95X110X35
IR12X15X16 IR25X30X26,5 IR50X55X25 IR95X110X63
IR12X15X16,5 IR25X30X30 IR50X55X35 IR100X110X30
IR12X15X22,5 IR25X30X32 IR50X58X22 IR100X110X40
IR12X16X13 IR25X30X38,5 IR50X58X40 IR100X115X40
IR12X16X16 IR25X32X22 IR50X60X25 IR110X120X30
IR12X16X20 IR28X32X17 IR50X60X28 IR110X125X40
IR12X16X22 IR28X32X20 IR55X60X25 IR120X130X30
IR14X17X17 IR28X32X30 IR55X60X35 IR120X135X45
IR15X18X16 IR30X35X13 IR55X63X25 IR130X145X35
IR15X18X16,5 IR30X35X16 IR55X63X45 IR130X150X50
IR15X19X16 IR30X35X17 IR55X65X28 IR140X155X35
IR15X19X20 IR30X35X20 IR60X68X25 IR140X160X50
IR15X20X13 IR30X35X20,5 IR60X68X35 IR150X165X40
IR15X20X23 IR30X35X26 IR60X68X45 IR160X175X40
IR17X20X16 IR30X35X30 IR60X70X25 IR170X185X45
IR17X20X16,5 IR30X37X18 IR60X70X28 IR180X195X45
IR17X20X20 IR30X37X22 IR65X72X25 IR190X210X50
IR17X20X20,5 IR32X37X20 IR65X72X45 IR200X220X50
IR17X20X30,5 IR32x37X30 IR65X73X25 IR220X240X50
IR17X21X16 IR32X40X20 IR65X73X35 IR240X265X60
IR17X21X20 IR32X40X36 IR65X75X28 IR260X285X60
IR17X22X13 IR33X37X13 IR70X80x25 IR280X305X69
IR17X22X16 IR35X40X17 IR70X80X30 IR300X330X80
IR17X22X23 IR35X40X20 IR70X80X35 IR320X350X80
IR17X24X20 IR35X40X20,5 IR70X80X54 IR340X370X80
IR20X24X16 IR35X40X30 IR75X85X25 IR360X390X80
IR20X24X20 IR35X42X36 IR75X85X30 IR380X415X100

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