INA F-207813 NUP full complement Cylindrical roller bearing



INA F-207813 NUP is a part number of single row full complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings common used in heavy-duty machinery. Since these bearings have the largest possible number of rollers, they have extremely high radial load carrying capacity, high rigidity and are suitable for particularly compact designs. The only drawback of Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings is that they can not achieve the high speeds as against the traditional Cylindrical Roller Bearings with cages.

The three primary types that constitute the variety of Full Complement Cylindrical Bearings include the non-locating, semi-locating, and locating roller bearings. The designs of these types include the single and double row. Some of the common application areas of Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings include the gear drives, rolling mills, general machine industry, crop shears, etc.

Part stock list of our INA full complement cylindrical roller bearings

F-200284 F-207453 F-214218.10 F-220732
F-200284.02.FBLR F-207502 F-214294.01.RN F-220732.RNA
F-200372 F-207782 F-21432 F-221158.04.AX
F-200600.K/0-7 F-207782.2 F-214389.ARRE F-221369.NAO
F-201202.AS F-207813 F-21460 F-221369-0011.AU.NAO
F-201429 F-207813 (NUP) F-214797 F-221376
F-201764 F-207813-NUP F-214995.04.ARRE F-221376(PWKR)
F-201768 F-207948 F-215587.ASW F-221501.06.FDS
F-201769 F208 F-215635 (ZARN) F-221539.ZK
F-201939 F-208098 F-215962 F-222071.06.BU
F-202206.AX F-208099 F-216072.30.BZ F-222224
F-202355.K/0-7 F-208099.RNN F-216546.11.FBLS F-222253.HK
F-202505.01.AXK/0-10 F-208364 F-216546.7 F-222330
F-202577 F-208505.KI F-216588 F-222390
F-202578 F-208801 F-216771.K/0-7 F-222707.08.ARRE
F-202626 F-208801.01.RH F-217040.1 F-222739.SAX
F-202808.3 F-208841.02.AL F-217041.2 F-222740.AX
F-202808.3(NUP) F-208842.01 F-217041.3 F-222964.01.ARRE
F-202825.05.SS F-208897 F-217041.3NA(NUP) F-22330
F-202826.05.SS F-209074.IR F-217482.HK F-223356-0551.IR
F-202827.05.SS F-209077.IR F-217547.ASW F-223446
F-202858.BSREA F-209088 F-217644.02.HK F-223449.PWKR
F-202993 F-209098.01.N4U F-217668.2 F-223679
F-202994 F-209426.HK-HLC F-217813 F-223679.NKIC
F-202995 F-210056.02.RN F-218080.02.K/0-7 F-223680
F-203122 F-210304.4 F-218081.02.K/0-7 F-223708.HKI-H+44+31
F-203122.HK F-210408 F-218082.02.K/0-7 F-223869.HKP
F-203137.FHR F-210416.HKX F-218108.05.BSRA F-224197.01.KRV
F-203150-0011.H.RH-H F-210655.01.ARRE F-218220(NUKR) F-224204.AX
F-203150-0021.RK.RH F-211086.1 F-218220.1 F-224644.HK
F-203222.5 F-211167.02.NCS F-218230.AL F-224966
F-203618.02.ASW-HLC F-211545.02.AXK/0-10 F-218266.RLF F-225479.FBLR
F-203618.2(ASW) F-211549 F-218334.ZK F-225531.BSRA
F-203619.ASW F-211549.01.NKIA F-218416.17.ARRE F-225554.13.FBLS
F-203801.1 F-211549.1 F-218698.HK F-225643.4
F-2039366 F-211558 (ZARN) F-218714.AX F-225708.04.FBLR
F-204045 F-211587 F-218887-0510.ARREK F-225886
F-204168 F-211587.1 F-218892.K/0-7W F-22610
F-204331.2 F-211625.AS F-219232.2 F-22611
F-204333.2 F-211626.ASW F-219236 F-22612
F-204528.2 F-211629.ASW F-219378 F-22613
F-204529.2 F-211631.AS F-219476 F-226326
F-204754 F-211687 F-219484.01.DML F-226333.NNU
F-204754.02.RNU F-211709 F-219590 F-226334.NNU
F-204754.RUN F-211931.ASW F-219593 F-226335.N4U
F-204783.RNN F-211978  NUP F-220085 F-226336.RNA
F-204928 (ZARN) F-212019.01.KZK/0-7 F-220122 F-226556-0051.KA.RMS
F-205550 F-212139 F-220292 F-226628.LEN-HLA.
F-205551 F-212289.ASW F-220296.KZK/0-7 F-226897.07.ARRES
F-205551(BK) F-212290.AS F-220322 F-226955.RLF
F-206473.02.HKX F-212330.KI F-220330 F-227058.KZK/0-7
F-207111 F-212331.KI F-220443.KBK/0-7 F-227095.01.ARRE
F-207270(ZARF) F-212332.01.KI F-220443.KBK/-1-3 F-227728.03.BSR
F-207395 F-212333.01.KI F-220469 F-227764.FBLR
F-207407 F-212601.67 F-220578.03.ARRE F-227784.HK
F-207407.2 F-213181 F-220689.AXK/0-10 F-227830.K/0-6
F-207407.2 NA F-213181.K/0-7 F-220731 F-227895.K/0-6

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