INA double row thrust angular contact ball bearing



ZKLF series bearing made by INA is one two-way thrust angular contact ball bearing series, the outer race has six screw mounting hole, double side using contact seal, it is mainly suitable for the screw support position, this design simplified bearing purchasing plan and reduce screw support bearing position size, INA manufactures common ball series and ceramic ball series of ZKLF bearings.
INA: ZKLF50115.2RS

Brand: INA

Rolling elements: Double row balls

Type: thrust angular contact ball bearings, screw support ball bearings

Seal type: double size with contact seal

Dimension: 50mm x 115mm x 34mm

Weight: 1.86 KGS

Load capacity: 46500N – 126000N

Running speed: 1500 r/min
The following are INA thrust angular contact ball bearings in the same series,

ZKLN0619-2Z ZKLN2557-2RS-PE ZKLF1762-2RS-PE 7603060-TVP
ZKLN0624-2Z ZKLN3062-2RS-PE ZKLF2068-2RS-PE 7603065-TVP
ZKLN0832-2Z ZKLN3572-2RS-PE ZKLF2575-2RS-PE 7603070-TVP
ZKLN1034-2Z ZKLN5090-2RS-PE ZKLF3080-2RS-PE 7603075-TVP
ZKLN1242-2Z ZKLN1747-2RS-2AP ZKLF3590-2RS-PE 7603080-TVP
ZKLN1545-2Z ZKLN2052-2RS-2AP ZKLF40100-2RS-PE 7603085-TVP
ZKLN1747-2Z ZKLN2557-2RS-2AP ZKLF50115-2RS-PE 7603090-TVP
ZKLN2052-2Z ZKLN3062-2RS-2AP ZKLF1762-2RS-2AP 7603095-TVP
ZKLN2557-2Z ZKLN3572-2RS-2AP ZKLF2068-2RS-2AP 7603100-TVP
ZKLN3062-2Z ZKLN4075-2RS-2AP ZKLF2575-2RS-2AP BSB020047-T
ZKLN3072-2Z ZKLN5090-2RS-2AP ZKLF3080-2RS-2AP BSB025062-T
ZKLN3572-2Z ZKLF1255-2Z ZKLF3590-2RS-2AP BSB030062-T
ZKLN4075-2Z ZKLF1560-2Z ZKLF40100-2RS-2AP BSB035072-T
ZKLN4090-2Z ZKLF1762-2Z ZKLF50115-2RS-2AP BSB040072-T
ZKLN5090-2Z ZKLF2068-2Z 7602012-TVP BSB040090-T
ZKLN50110-2Z ZKLF2575-2Z 7602015-TVP BSB045075-T
ZKLN60110-2Z ZKLF3080-2Z 7602017-TVP BSB045100-T
ZKLN70120-2Z ZKLF30100-2Z 7602020-TVP BSB050100-T
ZKLN80130-2Z ZKLF3590-2Z 7602025-TVP BSB055120-T
ZKLN90150-2Z ZKLF40100-2Z 7602030-TVP BSB055090-T
ZKLN100160-2Z ZKLF40115-2Z 7602035-TVP BSB060120-T
ZKLN0624-2RS ZKLF50115-2Z 7602040-TVP BSB075110-T
ZKLN0832-2RS ZKLF50140-2Z 7602045-TVP BSB100150-T
ZKLN1034-2RS ZKLF60145-2Z 7602050-TVP ZKLR0624-2Z
ZKLN1242-2RS ZKLF70155-2Z 7602055-TVP ZKLR0828-2Z
ZKLN1545-2RS ZKLF80165-2Z 7602060-TVP ZKLR1035-2Z
ZKLN1747-2RS ZKLF90190-2Z 7602065-TVP ZKLR1244-2RS
ZKLN2052-2RS ZKLF100200-2Z 7602070-TVP ZKLR1547-2RS
ZKLN2557-2RS ZKLF1255-2RS 7602075-TVP ZKLR2060-2RS
ZKLN3062-2RS ZKLF1560-2RS 7602080-TVP ZKLFA0630-2Z
ZKLN3072-2RS ZKLF1762-2RS 7602085-TVP ZKLFA0640-2Z
ZKLN3572-2RS ZKLF2068-2RS 7602090-TVP ZKLFA0850-2Z
ZKLN4075-2RS ZKLF2575-2RS 7602095-TVP ZKLFA1050-2Z
ZKLN4090-2RS ZKLF3080-2RS 7602100-TVP ZKLFA1263-2Z
ZKLN5090-2RS ZKLF30100-2RS 7603020-TVP ZKLFA1563-2Z
ZKLN50110-2RS ZKLF3590-2RS 7603025-TVP ZKLFA0640-2RS
ZKLN0624-2RS-PE ZKLF40100-2RS 7603030-TVP ZKLFA0850-2RS
ZKLN1034-2RS-PE ZKLF40115-2RS 7603035-TVP ZKLFA1050-2RS
ZKLN1242-2RS-PE ZKLF50115-2RS 7603040-TVP ZKLFA1263-2RS
ZKLN1545-2RS-PE ZKLF50140-2RS 7603045-TVP ZKLFA1563-2RS
ZKLN1747-2RS-PE ZKLF1255-2RS-PE 7603050-TVP DKLFA1575-2RS
ZKLN2052-2RS-PE ZKLF1560-2RS-PE 7603055-TVP DKLFA2080-2RS
DKLFA40115-2RS DKLFA30110-2RS DKLFA40140-2RS

Type the Numbers and letters meaning: ZKLF50115.2 RS

ZKLF: bearing series code, says double row angular contact ball bearing;

Fifty, bearing inside diameter actual size;

115: bearing outside diameter actual size;

2 rs: bilateral contact seal.