FAG UCFL212 pillow block bearing



FAG INA pillow block bearings are very robust, ready-to-fit, versatile and economical, they are suitable for highly problematic environmental conditions such as severe contamination, stone impact, shocks.
FAG bearing UCFL212 UCF212

Bearing dimension: 60mm x 140mm x 250mm

Weight: 3.88 KGS

Bearing block: GG.FL212

Bearing unit: RCJTY60-JIS
The following are FAG pillow block bearings,

UC201  UCC202  UCF310  UCFCX07
 UC201-8  UCC203  UCF311  UCFCX08
 UC202  UCC204  UCF312  UCFCX09-28
 UC202-10/A  UCC205  UCF314  UCFCX10
 UC203  UCC205-16  UCF315  UCFCX11
 UC204  UCC206  UCF316  UCFCX11
 UC204-12  UCC207  UCF317  UCFCX12
 UC204D9K2  UCC208  UCF318  UCFCX13
 UC205  UCC209  UCF319  UCFCX14
 UC205-16/A  UCC210  UCF320  UCFCX15
 UC205/A  UCC211  UCF322  UCFCX16
 UC205D9K2  UCC212  UCF324  UCFCX17
 UC206-18  UCC213  UCFA201  UCFCX18
 UC206-18/A  UCC306  UCFA202  UCFCX20
 UC206/A  UCC307  UCFA203  UCFL201
 UC207-21/A  UCC308  UCFA204  UCFL201-8
 UC207-22  UCC310  UCFA205  UCFL202
 UC207-23/A  UCC311  UCFA206  UCFL202-10
 UC207/A  UCC312  UCFA207  UCFL203
 UC208  UCC315  UCFA208  UCFL204
 UC208-24/A  UCC316  UCFA209  UCFL204-12
 UC208-25/A  UCC317  UCFA210  UCFL205-16
 UC208/A  UCC320  UCFA211  UCFL205H
 UC209-26/A  UCCX07  UCFB201  UCFL206
 UC209-27/A  UCCX10  UCFB202  UCFL206-18
 UC209-28  UCF201-8  UCFB203  UCFL206-20
 UC209-28/A  UCF202-10  UCFB204  UCFL206D9K2
 UC209/A  UCF203  UCFB204-12  UCFL206H
 UC210  UCF204  UCFB205  UCFL207
 UC210-30/A  UCF204-12  UCFB206  UCFL207-20
 UC210-31/A  UCF204H  UCFB207  UCFL207-23
 UC210-32  UCF205  UCFB208  UCFL207-23 L3
 UC210/A  UCF205-14  UCFB209  UCFL207L3
 UC211-32/A  UCF205-16  UCFB210  UCFL208
 UC211-34/A  UCF205H  UCFC201  UCFL208-24
 UC211-35/A  UCF206  UCFC202  UCFL208D9K2
 UC211/A  UCF206-18  UCFC203  UCFL208H
 UC212-36  UCF206H  UCFC204  UCFL209
 UC212-36/A  UCF207  UCFC204-12  UCFL209-28
 UC212-38  UCF207-20  UCFC205  UC313/A
 UC212-38/A  UCF207-23  UCFC205-16  UC314/A
 UC212-39/A  UCF207H  UCFC206  UC315-48/A
 UC212/A  UCF208  UCFC206-18  UC315/A
 UC213-40/A  UCF208-24  UCFC207  UC316
 UC213-40/A  UCF209  UCFC207-20  UC316/A
 UC213/A  UCF209  UCFC207E1  UC317/A
 UC214-44/A  UCF209-26  UCFC207E4  UC318
 UC214/A  UCF209-28  UCFC208  UC318/A
 UC215-47  UCF209H  UCFC208-24  UC319
 UC215-47/A  UCF209L3FCBD1K2PO  UCFC208H  UC319/A
 UC215-48/A  UCF210  UCFC209  UC320-64/A
 UC215/A  UCF210-30  UCFC209  UC320/A
 UC216/A  UCF211  UCFC209-28  UC322/A
 UC217  UCF211-32  UCFC209E1  UC324/A
 UC217-52/A  UCF211H  UCFC210  UC326/A
 UC218  UCF212  UCFC210E3  UC328
 UC218-56/A  UCF212-36  UCFC211  UC310-30/A
 UC218/A  UCF212-38  UCFC211-32  UC310/A
 UC305/A  UCF212-39  UCFC211E1  UC310/A
 UC305D1K2  UCF213  UCFC212  UC311
 UC307/A  UCF214  UCFC212-36  UC311-32/A
 UC308-24/A  UCF215  UCFC213  UC311/A
 UC308/A  UCF215  UCFC213  UC312/A
 UC309  UCF215-48  UCFC214  UC313
 UC309/A  UCF216  UCFC214  UC313-40/A
 UCF308  UCF217  UCFC215  UCFC218
 UCF308-24  UCF218  UCFC215E4  UCFC217
 UCF309  UCF305  UCFC216  UCF307
 UCF310  UCF306  UCFC216D9K2

We can supply various kinds of Pillow block bearings, such as SKF bearings, FAG bearings, NSK bearings and NTN bearings. These pillow block bearings are widely exported to many overseas company, welcome to contact us for best offer.