FAG Spherical roller bearings 22328-E1-K-T41A



FAG X-life Spherical roller bearings 22328-E1-K-T41A are For oscillating load with restricted diameter tolerances, radial internal clearance C4.

Product data of FAG Spherical roller bearings 22328-E1-K-T41A


140  mm


300  mm


102  mm


34,4  kg Mass


1460000  N Basic dynamic load rating, radial


1630000  N Basic static load rating, radial


2200  1/min Limiting speed


1660  1/min Reference speed


132000  N Fatigue limit load, radial

Some other FAG Spherical roller bearings we can supply.

22314-E1-T41A 22324-E1-K-T41A + H2324 22352-MB
22315-E1 22324-E1-T41D 22356-K-MB
22315-E1-K 22326-E1 22356-K-MB + AH2356G
22315-E1-K + AHX2315G 22326-E1-K 22356-K-MB + H2356X
22315-E1-K + H2315 22326-E1-K + AHX2326G 22356-MB
22315-E1-K-T41A 22326-E1-K + H2326 230/500-B-K-MB
22315-E1-K-T41A + AHX2315G 22326-E1-K-T41A 230/500-B-K-MB + AHX30/500
22315-E1-K-T41A + H2315 22326-E1-K-T41A + AHX2326G 230/500-B-K-MB + H30/500
22315-E1-T41A 22326-E1-K-T41A + H2326 230/500-B-MB
22316-E1 22326-E1-T41D 230/530-B-K-MB
22316-E1-K 22328-E1 230/530-B-K-MB + AH30/530A
22316-E1-K + AHX2316 22328-E1-K 230/530-B-K-MB + H30/530
22316-E1-K + H2316 22328-E1-K + AHX2328G 230/530-B-MB
22316-E1-K-T41A 22328-E1-K + H2328 230/560-B-K-MB
22316-E1-K-T41A + AHX2316 22328-E1-K-T41A 230/560-B-K-MB + AH30/560A
22316-E1-K-T41A + H2316 22328-E1-K-T41A + AHX2328G 230/560-B-K-MB + H30/560
22316-E1-T41A 22328-E1-K-T41A + H2328 230/560-B-MB
22317-E1 22328-E1-T41D 230/600-B-K-MB
22317-E1-K 22330-E1 230/600-B-K-MB + AH30/600A
22317-E1-K + AHX2317 22330-E1-K 230/600-B-K-MB + H30/600
22317-E1-K + H2317 22330-E1-K + AHX2330G 230/600-B-MB
22317-E1-K-T41A 22330-E1-K + H2330 230/630-B-K-MB
22317-E1-K-T41A + AHX2317 22330-E1-K-T41A 230/630-B-K-MB + AH30/630A
22317-E1-K-T41A + H2317 22330-E1-K-T41A + AHX2330G 230/630-B-K-MB + H30/630
22317-E1-T41D 22330-E1-K-T41A + H2330 230/630-B-MB
22318-E1 22330-E1-T41D 230/670-B-K-MB
22318-E1-K 22332-A-MA-T41A 230/670-B-K-MB + AH30/670A
22318-E1-K + AHX2318 22332-K-MB 230/670-B-K-MB + H30/670
22318-E1-K + H2318 22332-K-MB + AH2332G 230/670-B-MB
22318-E1-K-T41A 22332-K-MB + H2332 230/710-B-K-MB
22318-E1-K-T41A + AHX2318 22332-MB 230/710-B-K-MB + AH30/710A
22318-E1-K-T41A + H2318 22334-A-MA-T41A 230/710-B-K-MB + H30/710
22318-E1-T41D 22334-K-MB 230/710-B-MB
22319-E1 22334-K-MB + AH2334G 230/750-K-MB
22319-E1-K 22334-K-MB + H2334 230/750-K-MB + AH30/750A
22319-E1-K + AHX2319 22334-MB 230/750-K-MB + H30/750
22319-E1-K + H2319 22336-A-MA-T41A 230/750-MB
22319-E1-K-T41A 22336-K-MB 230/800-K-MB
22319-E1-K-T41A + AHX2319 22336-K-MB + AH2336G 230/800-K-MB + AH30/800A
22319-E1-K-T41A + H2319 22336-K-MB + H2336 230/800-K-MB + H30/800
22319-E1-T41D 22336-MB 230/800-MB
22320-E1 22338-A-MA-T41A 23022-E1A-M
22320-E1-K 22338-K-MB 23022-E1-TVPB
22320-E1-K + AHX2320 22338-K-MB + AH2338G 23024-E1A-K-M
22320-E1-K + H2320 22338-K-MB + H2338 23024-E1A-K-M + AHX3024
22320-E1-K-T41A 22338-MB 23024-E1A-K-M + H3024
22320-E1-K-T41A + AHX2320 22340-A-MA-T41A 23024-E1A-M
22320-E1-K-T41A + H2320 22340-K-MB 23024-E1-K-TVPB
22320-E1-T41D 22340-K-MB + AH2340 23024-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3024
22322-E1 22340-K-MB + H2340 23024-E1-K-TVPB + H3024
22322-E1-K 22340-MB 23024-E1-TVPB
22322-E1-K + AHX2322G 22344-A-MA-T41A 23026-E1A-K-M
22322-E1-K + H2322 22344-K-MB 23026-E1A-K-M + AHX3026
22322-E1-K-T41A 22344-K-MB + AH2344 23026-E1A-K-M + H3026
22322-E1-K-T41A + AHX2322G 22344-K-MB + H2344X 23026-E1A-M
22322-E1-K-T41A + H2322 22344-MB 23026-E1-K-TVPB
22322-E1-T41D 22348-K-MB 23026-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3026
22324-E1 22348-K-MB + AH2348 23026-E1-K-TVPB + H3026
22324-E1-K 22348-K-MB + H2348X 23026-E1-TVPB
22324-E1-K + AHX2324G 22348-MB 23028-E1A-K-M
22324-E1-K + H2324 22352-K-MB 23028-E1A-K-M + AHX3028
22324-E1-K-T41A 22352-K-MB + AH2352G 23028-E1A-K-M + H3028
22324-E1-K-T41A + AHX2324G 22352-K-MB + H2352X 23028-E1A-M

CMTG Bearing stocks plenty of FAG Spherical roller bearings 22328-E1-K-T41A They are all original Germany. Besides  we can also supply interchangeable Spherical roller bearings made by SKF NSK NTN KOYO etc. If you need more Spherical roller bearings cross reference and interchange information, Please contact our Yakang Bearing team