FAG plummer block housing LOE224-N-BL-L



FAG plummer block housing LOE224-N-BL-L is split housing, it is designed for spherical roller bearing 22224E1 with cylindrical bore, with labyrinth seals for oil lubrication. FAG housing LOE2 series and LOE3 series are fitted with FAG spherical roller bearings 222 series and 223 series, the bearings are located on the shaft using an interference fit and axially secured by means of a lock nut.


d: 120mm

D: 215mm

Housing length: 550mm

Oil level height: 50mm-70mm

Spherical roller bearing: 22224-E1

Lock nut: KM24

Tab washer: MB24

Weight: 80 KGS

Housing series LOE2
The following are FAG plummer block housing available from our company,
LOE219-N-BL-L   LOE220-N-AF-L   LOE220-N-AL-L   LOE220-N-BF-L

LOE220-N-BL-L   LOE222-N-AF-L   LOE222-N-AL-L   LOE222-N-BF-L

LOE222-N-BL-L   LOE224-N-AF-L   LOE224-N-AL-L   LOE224-N-BF-L

LOE224-N-BL-L   LOE226-N-AF-L   LOE226-N-AL-L   LOE226-N-BF-L

LOE226-N-BL-L   LOE228-N-AF-L   LOE228-N-AL-L   LOE228-N-BF-L

LOE228-N-BL-L   LOE230-N-AF-L   LOE230-N-AL-L   LOE230-N-BF-L

LOE230-N-BL-L   LOE232-N-AF-L   LOE232-N-AL-L   LOE232-N-BF-L

LOE232-N-BL-L   LOE234-N-AF-L   LOE234-N-AL-L   LOE234-N-BF-L

LOE234-N-BL-L   LOE236-N-AF-L   LOE236-N-AL-L   LOE236-N-BF-L

LOE236-N-BL-L   LOE238-N-AF-L   LOE238-N-AL-L   LOE238-N-BF-L

LOE238-N-BL-L   LOE240-N-AF-L   LOE240-N-AL-L   LOE240-N-BF-L

LOE240-N-BL-L   LOE244-N-AF-L   LOE244-N-AL-L   LOE244-N-BF-L

LOE244-N-BL-L    LOE248-N-AF-L   LOE248-N-AL-L   LOE248-N-BF-L

LOE248-N-BL-L    LOE310-N-AF-L   LOE310-N-AL-L   LOE310-N-BF-L

LOE310-N-BL-L   LOE312-N-AF-L    LOE312-N-AL-L   LOE312-N-BF-L

LOE312-N-BL-L   LOE314-N-AF-L   LOE314-N-AL-L   LOE314-N-BF-L

LOE314-N-BL-L   LOE316-N-AF-L   LOE316-N-AL-L   LOE316-N-BF-L

LOE316-N-BL-L   LOE318-N-AF-L   LOE318-N-AL-L   LOE318-N-BF-L

LOE318-N-BL-L   LOE320-N-AF-L   LOE320-N-AL-L   LOE320-N-BF-L

LOE320-N-BL-L   LOE322-N-AF-L   LOE322-N-AL-L   LOE322-N-BF-L

LOE322-N-BL-L   LOE324-N-AF-L   LOE324-N-AL-L   LOE324-N-BF-L

LOE324-N-BL-L   LOE326-N-AF-L   LOE326-N-AL-L   LOE326-N-BF-L

LOE326-N-BL-L   LOE328-N-AF-L   LOE328-N-AL-L   LOE328-N-BL-L

LOE330-N-AF-L   LOE330-N-AL-L   LOE330-N-BF-L   LOE330-N-BL-L

LOE332-N-AF-L   LOE332-N-AL-L   LOE332-N-BF-L   LOE332-N-BL-L

LOE334-N-AF-L   LOE334-N-AL-L   LOE334-N-BF-L  LOE334-N-BL-L

LOE336-N-AF-L   LOE336-N-AL-L   LOE336-N-BF-L  LOE336-N-BL-L
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