FAG NU2315-E-M1 Cylindrical roller bearings X-life



FAG NU2315-E-M1 Cylindrical roller bearings X-Life class with solid brass cage, guilded by roller. suitability for high speeds and temperatures. FAG Cylindrical roller bearings NU2315-E-M1 are separable and are therefore easier to fit and dismantle.

Technical data of FAG NU2315-E-M1

ID: 75 mm

OD: 160 mm

Width: 55 mm

Weight: 4.95 kg

Basic dynamic load rating: 390 kN

Basic static load rating: 395 kN

Fatigue limit load: 72 kN

Reference speed: 3600 rpm

Limiting speed: 5100 rpm

Part FAG Cylindrical roller bearings catalogue

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NU1009-M1 NU204-E-TVP2 NU2240-E-M1 NU236-E-M1
NU1010-M1 NU205-E-TVP2 NU2244-EX-M1 NU238-E-M1
NU1011-E-M1 NU206-E-TVP2 NU2248-EX-M1 NU240-E-M1
NU1012-M1 NU207-E-TVP2 NU224-E-TVP2 NU244-E-M1
NU1013-M1 NU208-E-TVP2 NU2252-E-M1 NU248-E-M1
NU1014-M1 NU209-E-TVP2 NU2256-E-M1 NU252-E-M1
NU1015-M1 NU210-E-TVP2 NU2260-EX-M1 NU256-E-M1
NU1016-M1 NU211-E-TVP2 NU2264-EX-M1 NU260-E-M1
NU1017-M1 NU212-E-TVP2 NU226-E-TVP2 NU264-EX-M1
NU1018-M1 NU213-E-TVP2 NU2272-E-M1 NU303-E-TVP2
NU1019-M1 NU214-E-TVP2 NU2276-E-M1 NU304-E-TVP2
NU1020-M1 NU215-E-TVP2 NU228-E-M1 NU305-E-TVP2
NU1021-M1 NU216-E-TVP2 NU2304-E-TVP2 NU306-E-TVP2
NU1022-M1 NU217-E-TVP2 NU2305-E-TVP2 NU307-E-TVP2
NU1024-M1 NU218-E-TVP2 NU2306-E-TVP2 NU308-E-TVP2
NU1026-M1 NU219-E-TVP2 NU2307-E-TVP2 NU309-E-TVP2
NU1028-M1 NU2203-E-TVP2 NU2308-E-TVP2 NU310-E-TVP2
NU1030-M1 NU2204-E-TVP2 NU2309-E-TVP2 NU311-E-TVP2
NU1032-M1 NU2205-E-TVP2 NU230-E-M1 NU312-E-TVP2
NU1034-M1 NU2206-E-TVP2 NU2310-E-TVP2 NU313-E-TVP2
NU1036-M1 NU2207-E-TVP2 NU2311-E-TVP2 NU314-E-TVP2
NU1038-M1 NU2208-E-TVP2 NU2312-E-TVP2 NU315-E-TVP2
NU1040-M1 NU2209-E-TVP2 NU2313-E-TVP2 NU316-E-TVP2
NU1044-M1 NU220-E-TVP2 NU2314-E-TVP2 NU317-E-TVP2
NU1048-M1 NU2210-E-TVP2 NU2315-E-TVP2 NU318-E-TVP2
NU1052-M1 NU2211-E-TVP2 NU2316-E-TVP2 NU319-E-TVP2
NU1056-M1 NU2212-E-TVP2 NU2317-E-TVP2 NU320-E-TVP2
NU1060-M1 NU2213-E-TVP2 NU2318-E-TVP2 NU322-E-TVP2
NU1064-M1 NU2214-E-TVP2 NU2319-E-TVP2 NU324-E-TVP2
NU1068-M1 NU2215-E-TVP2 NU2320-E-TVP2 NU326-E-TVP2
NU1072-M1 NU2216-E-TVP2 NU2322-E-TVP2 NU328-E-TVP2
NU1076-M1 NU2217-E-TVP2 NU2324-E-M1 NU330-E-M1
NU1080-M1 NU2218-E-TVP2 NU2326-E-M1 NU332-E-M1
NU1084-M1 NU2219-E-TVP2 NU2328-E-M1 NU334-E-M1
NU1088-M1 NU221-E-TVP2 NU232-E-M1 NU336-E-M1
NU1092-M1 NU2220-E-TVP2 NU2330-E-M1 NU338-E-M1
NU1096-M1 NU2222-E-TVP2 NU2332-E-M1 NU340-E-M1
NU19/560-M1 NU2224-E-TVP2 NU2334-EX-M1 NU344-E-M1
NU19/600-M1 NU2226-E-TVP2 NU2336-EX-M1 NU348-E-M1
NU19/670-M1 NU2228-E-M1 NU2338-EX-M1 NU352-E-M1

CMTG Bearing also have some other brands replaced items for FAG NU2315-E-M1 Cylindrical roller bearings. Detail cross reference info., please write to or call us.