FAG NU2216E.TVP2.C2 cylindrical roller bearings



FAG bearing NU2216E. TVP2. C2 consists of one inner ring, one outer ring, rollers and cages. Both sides of outer ring are with rigid flanges, inner ring without flange, installed TVP2 (polyamide resin nylon 66) cages to prevent rollers are touching each other in the rolling process. Cylindrical roller bearing with cages has good rigid and takes higher radial load, bearing with suffix E is after internal optimization, with higher bearing capacity.



NTN: NU2216EV.C2



Dimension: 80mm x 140mm x 33mm

Weight: 2.01 KGS

Load capacity: 221000N – 244000N

Running speed: 3450 r/min – 6100 r/min
The following are FAG cylindrical roller bearings available from stock,

N202-E-TVP2 N332-E-M1 NU317-E-TVP2 NU2272-E-M1
N203-E-TVP2 N334-E-M1 NU318-E-TVP2 NU2276-E-M1
N204-E-TVP2 NU202-E-TVP2 NU319-E-TVP2 NU2304-E-TVP2
N205-E-TVP2 NU203-E-TVP2 NU320-E-TVP2 NU2305-E-TVP2
N206-E-TVP2 NU204-E-TVP2 NU322-E-TVP2 NU2306-E-TVP2
N207-E-TVP2 NU205-E-TVP2 NU324-E-TVP2 NU2307-E-TVP2
N208-E-TVP2 NU206-E-TVP2 NU326-E-TVP2 NU2308-E-TVP2
N209-E-TVP2 NU207-E-TVP2 NU328-E-TVP2 NU2309-E-TVP2
N210-E-TVP2 NU208-E-TVP2 NU330-E-M1 NU2310-E-TVP2
N211-E-TVP2 NU209-E-TVP2 NU332-E-M1 NU2311-E-TVP2
N212-E-TVP2 NU210-E-TVP2 NU334-E-M1 NU2312-E-TVP2
N213-E-TVP2 NU211-E-TVP2 NU336-E-M1 NU2313-E-TVP2
N214-E-TVP2 NU212-E-TVP2 NU338-E-M1 NU2314-E-TVP2
N215-E-TVP2 NU213-E-TVP2 NU340-E-M1 NU2315-E-TVP2
N216-E-TVP2 NU214-E-TVP2 NU344-E-M1 NU2316-E-TVP2
N217-E-TVP2 NU215-E-TVP2 NU348-E-M1 NU2317-E-TVP2
N218-E-TVP2 NU216-E-TVP2 NU352-E-M1 NU2318-E-TVP2
N219-E-TVP2 NU217-E-TVP2 NU356-E-M1 NU2319-E-TVP2
N220-E-TVP2 NU218-E-TVP2 NU2203-E-TVP2 NU2320-E-TVP2
N221-E-M1 NU219-E-TVP2 NU2204-E-TVP2 NU2322-E-TVP2
N222-E-TVP2 NU220-E-TVP2 NU2205-E-TVP2 NU2324-E-M1
N224-E-TVP2 NU221-E-TVP2 NU2206-E-TVP2 NU2326-E-M1
N226-E-TVP2 NU222-E-TVP2 NU2207-E-TVP2 NU2328-E-M1
N228-E-M1 NU224-E-TVP2 NU2208-E-TVP2 NU2330-E-M1
N230-E-M1 NU226-E-TVP2 NU2209-E-TVP2 NU2332-E-M1
N232-E-M1 NU228-E-M1 NU2210-E-TVP2 NU2334-EX-M1
N234-E-M1 NU230-E-M1 NU2211-E-TVP2 NU2336-EX-M1
N236-E-M1 NU232-E-M1 NU2212-E-TVP2 NU2338-EX-M1
N238-E-M1 NU234-E-M1 NU2213-E-TVP2 NU2340-EX-M1
N240-E-M1 NU236-E-M1 NU2214-E-TVP2 NU2344-EX-M1
N248-E-M1 NU238-E-M1 NU2215-E-TVP2 NU2348-EX-M1
N305-E-TVP2 NU240-E-M1 NU2216-E-TVP2 NU2352-EX-M1
N306-E-TVP2 NU244-E-M1 NU2217-E-TVP2 NU2356-EX-M1
N307-E-TVP2 NU248-E-M1 NU2218-E-TVP2 NU406-M1
N308-E-TVP2 NU252-E-M1 NU2219-E-TVP2 NU407-M1
N309-E-TVP2 NU256-E-M1 NU2220-E-TVP2 NU408-M1
N310-E-TVP2 NU260-E-M1 NU2222-E-TVP2 NU409-M1
N311-E-TVP2 NU264-EX-M1 NU2224-E-TVP2 NU410-M1
N312-E-TVP2 NU303-E-TVP2 NU2226-E-TVP2 NU411-M1
N313-E-TVP2 NU304-E-TVP2 NU2228-E-M1 NU412-M1
N314-E-TVP2 NU305-E-TVP2 NU2230-E-M1 NU413-M1
N315-E-TVP2 NU306-E-TVP2 NU2232-E-M1 NU414-M1
N316-E-TVP2 NU307-E-TVP2 NU2234-E-M1 NU415-M1
N317-E-M1 NU308-E-TVP2 NU2236-E-M1 NU416-M1
N318-E-M1 NU309-E-TVP2 NU2238-E-M1 NU417-M1
N319-E-M1 NU310-E-TVP2 NU2240-E-M1 NU418-M1
N320-E-M1 NU311-E-TVP2 NU2244-EX-M1 NU419-M1
N322-E-M1 NU312-E-TVP2 NU2248-EX-M1 NU420-M1
N324-E-M1 NU313-E-TVP2 NU2252-E-M1 NU421-M1
N326-E-M1 NU314-E-TVP2 NU2256-E-M1 NU422-M1
N328-E-M1 NU315-E-TVP2 NU2260-EX-M1 NU424-M1
N330-E-M1 NU316-E-TVP2 NU2264-EX-M1

FAG Suffix designation:

C3 internal radial clearance is greater than the CN group supply agreement

C4 internal radial clearance is greater than the C3 group

J30P black oxide coating

E enhanced design standard design

EX enhanced design, according to the standard design alteration (bearing parts can’t with size of E type design bearing interchange)

M1 solid brass cage, biplate, roller guide

TVP2 glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 entity window cage

JP3 stamping steel window cage, monolithic, roller guide the supply agreement

MP1A solid brass cage, single chip and outer flange guide

MP1B solid brass cage, monolithic, inner ring flange guide

M1A solid brass cage, double tablet and outer flange guide

M1B solid brass cage, biplate, inner ring guard flange guide