FAG GS81120 Housing locating washers



FAG GS81120 Housing locating washers are centred on the housing and must be used if the adjacent construction cannot be used as a running surface. The bore diameter, outside diameter and running surface are precision machined. The diameter correspond to DIN 616/ISO 104

Technical data of FAG bearing accessory GS81120

Inside diameter: 102 mm

Outside diameter: 135 mm

Width: 7 mm

Weight: 0,35 kg

FAG Housing locating washers GS series

GS81102 GS81138 GS81230 GS89324
GS81103 GS81140 GS81232 GS89326
GS81104 GS81144 GS81234 GS89328
GS81105 GS81148 GS81236 GS89330
GS81106 GS81152 GS81238 GS89412
GS81107 GS81156 GS81240 GS89413
GS81108 GS81160 GS81244 GS89414
GS81109 GS81164 GS81248 GS89415
GS81110 GS81206 GS81252 GS89416
GS81111 GS81207 GS81256 GS89417
GS81112 GS81208 GS81260 GS89418
GS81113 GS81209 GS89306 GS89420
GS81114 GS81210 GS89307 GS89422
GS81115 GS81211 GS89308 GS89424
GS81116 GS81212 GS89309 GS89426
GS81117 GS81213 GS89310 GS89428
GS81118 GS81214 GS89311 GS89430
GS81120 GS81215 GS89312 GS89432
GS81122 GS81216 GS89313 GS89434
GS81124 GS81217 GS89314 GS89436
GS81126 GS81218 GS89315 GS89438
GS81128 GS81220 GS89316 GS89440
GS81130 GS81222 GS89317 GS89444
GS81132 GS81224 GS89318 GS89448
GS81134 GS81226 GS89320 GS89452
GS81136 GS81228 GS89322 GS89456

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