FAG Cylindrical roller bearings NU2213-E-TVP2



FAG Cylindrical roller bearings NU2213-E-TVP2 are non-locating bearings and can support radial forces only. In series NU, the outer ring has two ribs, while the inner ring has no ribs.

Product data of FAG Cylindrical roller bearings NU2213-E-TVP2

d=65 mm               Inside Dia

D=120 mm            Outside Dia

B=31 mm               Width

Cr=176 kN              Basic dynamic load rating

C0r=181 kN            Basic static load rating

Cur=32 kN              Fatigue load limit

nB=4100 r/min      Reference speed

nG=5600 r/min      Limiting speed

m=1.43 kg              Mass

Bearing interchangeble reference for FAG NU2213-E-TVP2

SKF bearing NU2213ECP

NSK bearing NU2213ET

NTN bearing NU2213

Koyo bearing NU2213

Timken bearing NU2213

More bearing cross reference and interchange information, Please contact our CMTG Bearing team
Part stocklist of our FAG Cylindrical roller bearings

NU10/500-M1 NU19/710-M1 NU222-E-TVP2 NU2340-EX-M1
NU10/560-M1 NU19/710-M1 NU2230-E-M1 NU2344-EX-M1
NU1005-M1 NU1992-M1 NU2232-E-M1 NU2348-EX-M1
NU1006-M1 NU1996-M1 NU2234-E-M1 NU234-E-M1
NU1007-M1 NU202-E-TVP2 NU2236-E-M1 NU2352-EX-M1
NU1008-M1 NU203-E-TVP2 NU2238-E-M1 NU2356-EX-M1
NU1009-M1 NU204-E-TVP2 NU2240-E-M1 NU236-E-M1
NU1010-M1 NU205-E-TVP2 NU2244-EX-M1 NU238-E-M1
NU1011-E-M1 NU206-E-TVP2 NU2248-EX-M1 NU240-E-M1
NU1012-M1 NU207-E-TVP2 NU224-E-TVP2 NU244-E-M1
NU1013-M1 NU208-E-TVP2 NU2252-E-M1 NU248-E-M1
NU1014-M1 NU209-E-TVP2 NU2256-E-M1 NU252-E-M1
NU1015-M1 NU210-E-TVP2 NU2260-EX-M1 NU256-E-M1
NU1016-M1 NU211-E-TVP2 NU2264-EX-M1 NU260-E-M1
NU1017-M1 NU212-E-TVP2 NU226-E-TVP2 NU264-EX-M1
NU1018-M1 NU213-E-TVP2 NU2272-E-M1 NU303-E-TVP2
NU1019-M1 NU214-E-TVP2 NU2276-E-M1 NU304-E-TVP2
NU1020-M1 NU215-E-TVP2 NU228-E-M1 NU305-E-TVP2
NU1021-M1 NU216-E-TVP2 NU2304-E-TVP2 NU306-E-TVP2
NU1022-M1 NU217-E-TVP2 NU2305-E-TVP2 NU307-E-TVP2
NU1024-M1 NU218-E-TVP2 NU2306-E-TVP2 NU308-E-TVP2
NU1026-M1 NU219-E-TVP2 NU2307-E-TVP2 NU309-E-TVP2
NU1028-M1 NU2203-E-TVP2 NU2308-E-TVP2 NU310-E-TVP2
NU1030-M1 NU2204-E-TVP2 NU2309-E-TVP2 NU311-E-TVP2
NU1032-M1 NU2205-E-TVP2 NU230-E-M1 NU312-E-TVP2
NU1034-M1 NU2206-E-TVP2 NU2310-E-TVP2 NU313-E-TVP2
NU1036-M1 NU2207-E-TVP2 NU2311-E-TVP2 NU314-E-TVP2
NU1038-M1 NU2208-E-TVP2 NU2312-E-TVP2 NU315-E-TVP2
NU1040-M1 NU2209-E-TVP2 NU2313-E-TVP2 NU316-E-TVP2
NU1044-M1 NU220-E-TVP2 NU2314-E-TVP2 NU317-E-TVP2
NU1048-M1 NU2210-E-TVP2 NU2315-E-TVP2 NU318-E-TVP2
NU1052-M1 NU2211-E-TVP2 NU2316-E-TVP2 NU319-E-TVP2
NU1056-M1 NU2212-E-TVP2 NU2317-E-TVP2 NU320-E-TVP2
NU1060-M1 NU2213-E-TVP2 NU2318-E-TVP2 NU322-E-TVP2
NU1064-M1 NU2214-E-TVP2 NU2319-E-TVP2 NU324-E-TVP2
NU1068-M1 NU2215-E-TVP2 NU2320-E-TVP2 NU326-E-TVP2
NU1072-M1 NU2216-E-TVP2 NU2322-E-TVP2 NU328-E-TVP2
NU1076-M1 NU2217-E-TVP2 NU2324-E-M1 NU330-E-M1
NU1080-M1 NU2218-E-TVP2 NU2326-E-M1 NU332-E-M1
NU1084-M1 NU2219-E-TVP2 NU2328-E-M1 NU334-E-M1
NU1088-M1 NU221-E-TVP2 NU232-E-M1 NU336-E-M1
NU1092-M1 NU2220-E-TVP2 NU2330-E-M1 NU338-E-M1
NU1096-M1 NU2222-E-TVP2 NU2332-E-M1 NU340-E-M1
NU19/560-M1 NU2224-E-TVP2 NU2334-EX-M1 NU344-E-M1
NU19/600-M1 NU2226-E-TVP2 NU2336-EX-M1 NU348-E-M1
NU19/670-M1 NU2228-E-M1 NU2338-EX-M1 NU352-E-M1

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