FAG Angular contact ball bearings 7215-B-TVP



As one of top agent and distributor for Germany FAG bearings, our main products line are included FAG angular contact ball bearings. The typical applications of FAG 7215-B-TVP are petrochemical equipment, gear boxes, centrifugal pumps, electrical motors, fans, etc. The suffixes are with the following meaning,

72—7200 series, metric, light

15—bore size metric, multiple last two numbers by 5 to get bore in mm

B—40 contact angle

TVP—polyamide cage

Brand : FAG

Origin: Germany

Dimension: 75mm x 130mm x 25mm

Weight: 1.16 kgs

Cr: 73000 N Basic dynamic load rating, radial

C0r: 62000 N Basic static load rating, radial

nG: 6300 1/min Limiting speed

nB: 5300 1/min Reference speed

Cur: 4100 N Fatigue limit load, radial
Our stock list also has a comprehensive line,

7206-B-JP-UA 7211-B-MP-UA 7216-B-JP 7301-B-JP
7206-B-JP-UO 7211-B-TVP 7216-B-JP-UA 7301-B-JP-UA
7206-B-MP-UA 7211-B-TVP-P5-UA 7216-B-JP-UO 7301-B-JP-UO
7206-B-MP-UO 7211-B-TVP-P5-UL 7216-B-MP 7301-B-TVP
7206-B-TVP 7211-B-TVP-P5-UO 7216-B-MP-UA 7301-B-TVP-P5-UL
7206-B-TVP-P5-UL 7211-B-TVP-UA 7216-B-MP-UO 7301-B-TVP-UO
7206-B-TVP-P5-UO 7212-B-JP 7216-B-TVP 7302-B-JP
7206-B-TVP-UA 7212-B-JP-UA 7216-B-TVP-P5-UL 7302-B-JP-UA
7206-B-TVP-UO 7212-B-JP-UO 7216-B-TVP-UA 7302-B-JP-UO
7207-B-JP 7212-B-MP 7216-B-TVP-UO 7302-B-TVP
7207-B-JP-UA 7212-B-MP-UA 7217-B-JP 7302-B-TVP-UA
7207-B-JP-UO 7212-B-MP-UO 7217-B-JP-UA 7302-B-TVP-UO
7207-B-MP-UA 7212-B-TVP 7217-B-JP-UO 7303-B-JP
7207-B-MP-UO 7212-B-TVP-P5-UL 7217-B-MP 7303-B-TVP
7207-B-TVP 7212-B-TVP-P5-UO 7217-B-MP-UA 7303-B-TVP-P5
7207-B-TVP-P5-UA 7212-B-TVP-UA 7217-B-MP-UO 7303-B-TVP-UA
7207-B-TVP-P5-UL 7212-B-TVP-UO 7217-B-TVP 7303-B-TVP-UO
7207-B-TVP-P5-UO 7213-B-JP 7217-B-TVP-P5 7304-B-JP
7207-B-TVP-UA 7213-B-JP-UA 7217-B-TVP-UA 7304-B-JP-UA
7207-B-TVP-UO 7213-B-JP-UO 7218-B-JP 7304-B-TVP
7208-B-JP 7213-B-MP 7218-B-JP-UA 7304-B-TVP-P5-UL
7208-B-JP-UA 7213-B-MP-UA 7218-B-JP-UO 7304-B-TVP-P5-UO
7208-B-JP-UO 7213-B-TVP 7218-B-MP 7304-B-TVP-UA
7208-B-MP 7213-B-TVP-P5-UO 7218-B-MP-UA 7305-B-JP
7208-B-MP-UA 7213-B-TVP-UA 7218-B-MP-UO 7305-B-JP-UA
7208-B-MP-UO 7213-B-TVP-UO 7218-B-TVP 7305-B-JP-UO
7208-B-TVP 7214-B-JP 7218-B-TVP-UA 7305-B-MP
7208-B-TVP-P5 7214-B-JP-UA 7218-B-TVP-UO 7305-B-MP-UA
7208-B-TVP-P5-UO 7214-B-JP-UO 7219-B-MP 7222-B-TVP-UA
7208-B-TVP-UA 7214-B-MP 7219-B-MP-UA 7222-B-TVP-UO
7208-B-TVP-UO 7214-B-MP-UA 7219-B-MP-UO 7224-B-MP
7209-B-JP 7214-B-TVP 7219-B-TVP 7224-B-MP-UA
7209-B-JP-UA 7214-B-TVP-P5-UL 7219-B-TVP-UA 7224-B-MP-UO
7209-B-JP-UO 7214-B-TVP-P5-UO 7219-B-TVP-UO 7215-B-TVP-UO
7209-B-MP 7214-B-TVP-UA 7220-B-JP 7224-B-TVP
7209-B-MP-UA 7214-B-TVP-UO 7220-B-MP 7224-B-TVP-UA
7209-B-MP-UO 7215-B-JP 7220-B-MP-UA 7224-B-TVP-UO
7209-B-TVP 7215-B-JP-UA 7220-B-TVP 7226-B-MP
7209-B-TVP-P5-UO 7215-B-JP-UO 7220-B-TVP-UA 7210-B-TVP-UA
7209-B-TVP-UA 7215-B-MP 7220-B-TVP-UO 7211-B-JP
7209-B-TVP-UO 7215-B-MP-P5-UO 7222-B-JP 7211-B-JP-UA
7210-B-JP 7215-B-MP-P6-UA 7222-B-MP 7211-B-JP-UO
7210-B-JP-UA 7215-B-MP-UA 7222-B-MP-UA 7210-B-TVP-P5-UL
7210-B-JP-UO 7215-B-TVP 7222-B-MP-UO 7210-B-TVP-P5-UO
7210-B-MP 7215-B-TVP-P5 7222-B-TVP 7210-B-TVP-P5
7210-B-MP-UA 7215-B-TVP-P5-UL 7215-B-TVP-P5-UO 7215-B-TVP-UA

Our FAG Angular contact ball bearings 7215-B-TVP are guaranteed to be brand new, original packaged. If you want FAG bearing catalogue or specification sheet and any other dates, contact us directly.