FAG Angular contact ball bearing 3305-B-2RSR-TVH



FAG 3305-B-2RSR-TVH is polyamide cage with rubber seals, it’s double row bearing with solid inner, outer ring, ball and cages. Due to the production technology used, sealed bearings are maintenance-free, so it allows particularly economical bearing arrangements.
FAG bearing Part NO.: 3305-B-2RSR-TVH

Dimension: 25mm x 62mm x 25.4mm

Dynamic load: 32 kn

Static load: 20.4 kn

Fatigue load: 0.865kn

Reference speed: 11000 r/min

Limited speed: 11000 r/min

Weight: 0.35

Origin: Made in Germany
Our FAG double row angular contact ball bearings are as below,

3202B.2RSR.TVH 3202-B-2RSR-TVH
3202B.2ZR.TVH 3202-B-2Z-TVH
3202B.TVH 3202-B-TVH

3203B.2RSR.TVH 3203-B-2RSR-TVH
3203B.2ZR.TVH 3203-B-2Z-TVH
3203B.TVH 3203-B-TVH
3204B.2RSR.TVH 3204-B-2RSR-TVH
3204B.2ZR.TVH 3204-B-2Z-TVH
3204B.TVH 3204-B-TVH

3205B.2RSR.TVH 3205-B-2RSR-TVH
3205B.2ZR.TVH 3205-B-2Z-TVH
3205B.TVH 3205-B-TVH

3206B.2RSR.TVH 3206-B-2RSR-TVH
3206B.2ZR.TVH 3206-B-2Z-TVH
3206B.TVH 3206-B-TVH
3207B.2RSR.TVH 3207-B-2RSR-TVH
3207B.2ZR.TVH 3207-B-2Z-TVH
3207B.TVH 3207-B-TVH
3208B.2RSR.TVH 3208-B-2RSR-TVH
3208B.2ZR.TVH 3208-B-2Z-TVH
3208B.TVH 3208-B-TVH
3209B.2RSR.TVH 3209-B-2RSR-TVH
3209B.2ZR.TVH 3209-B-2Z-TVH
3209B.TVH 3209-B-TVH
3210B.2RSR.TVH 3210-B-2RSR-TVH
3210B.2ZR.TVH 3210-B-2Z-TVH
3210B.TVH 3210-B-TVH
3211B.2RSR.TVH 3211-B-2RSR-TVH
3211B.TVH 3211-B-TVH
3212B.2RSR.TVH 3212-B-2RSR-TVH
3212B.2ZR.TVH 3212-B-2Z-TVH
3212B.TVH 3212-B-TVH
3213B.2RSR.TVH 3213-B-2RSR-TVH
3213B.TVH 3213-B-TVH
3214B.2RSR.TVH 3214-B-2RSR-TVH
3214B.TVH 3214-B-TVH
3215B.2RSR.TVH 3215-B-2RSR-TVH
3215B.TVH 3215-B-TVH
3216B.2ZR.TVH 3216-B-2Z-TVH
3216B.TVH 3216-B-TVH
3219M 3219-M
3302B.TVH 3302-B-TVH
3303B.TVH 3303-B-TVH
3304B.2RSR.TVH 3304-B-2RSR-TVH
3304B.2ZR.TVH 3304-B-2Z-TVH
3304B.TVH 3304-B-TVH
3305B.2RSR.TVH 3305-B-2RSR-TVH
3305B.2ZR.TVH 3305-B-2Z-TVH
3305B.TVH 3305-B-TVH
3305DA.TVP 3305-DA-TVP
3306B.2RSR.TVH 3306-B-2RSR-TVH
3306B.2ZR.TVH 3306-B-2Z-TVH
3306B.TVH 3306-B-TVH
3306DA 3306-DA
3307B.2RSR.TVH 3307-B-2RSR-TVH
3307B.2ZR.TVH 3307-B-2Z-TVH
3307B.TVH 3307-B-TVH
3307DA 3307-DA
3308B.2RSR.TVH 3308-B-2RSR-TVH
3308B.2ZR.TVH 3308-B-2Z-TVH
3308B.TVH 3308-B-TVH
3308DA.MA 3308-DA-MA
3309B.2RSR.TVH 3309-B-2RSR-TVH
3309B.TVH 3309-B-TVH
3309DA 3309-DA
3310B.TVH 3310-B-TVH
3310DA.MA 3310-DA-MA
3311B.2RSR.TVH 3311-B-2RSR-TVH
3311B.2ZR.TVH 3311-B-2Z-TVH
3311B.TVH 3311-B-TVH
3311DA.MA 3311-DA-MA
3312B.2RSR.TVH 3312-B-2RSR-TVH
3312B.TVH 3312-B-TVH
3312DA 3312-DA
313B.TVH 3313-B-TVH
3313DA 3313-DA
3314DA 3314-DA
3317M 3317-M
3319M 3319-M
3320M 3320-M
3322M 3322-M
3800 2RS 3800-B-2RSR-TVH
3800 2Z 3800-B-2Z-TVH
3800 3800-B-TVH
3801 2RS 3801-B-2RSR-TVH
3801 2Z 3801-B-2Z-TVH
3801 3801-B-TVH
3802 2RS 3802-B-2RSR-TVH
3802 2Z 3802-B-2Z-TVH
3802 3802-B-TVH
3803 2RS 3803-B-2RSR-TVH
3803 2Z 3803-B-2Z-TVH
3803 3803-B-TVH
3804 2RS 3804-B-2RSR-TVH
The FAG double row angular contact ball bearings are used for Machine tools, precision instruments, auto motor, fluid transport machinery, light machinery and etc. If you want more detailed information of FAG bearings or related problems, please contact with us, we will reply as soon as possible (general in 24 hours).