FAG 32014 X Tapered roller bearings



FAG 32014 X Tapered roller bearings follow FAG’s advanced X-life productive technology. So they can offer increased performance, operate for longer time, generate as little friction as possible and of course be easy to maintain. For end users, they are cost-effective, reliable energy-efficient tapered roller bearings.

Product data of FAG 32014 X Tapered roller bearings

Item Data Rmarks
d 70 mm
D 110 mm
T 25 mm
m 0,967 Mass
nB 3800 Reference speed
nG 5600 Limiting speed
Cr 104000 N Basic dynamic load rating, radial
C0r 159000 N Basic static load rating, radial
Cur 20100 N Fatigue limit load, radial

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Part stocklist of our FAG Tapered roller bearing

30202A 31309A 3203B.2RSR.TVH 3221M
30203A 31309A. 3203B.2ZR.TVH 32220A
30204A 31310A 3203B.TVH 32221A
30205A 31310A 32040X 32222A
30206A 31311A 32044X 32224A
30207A 31311A 32048X 32226A
30208A 31312A 3204B.2RSR.TVH 32228A
30209A 31312A 3204B.2ZR.TVH 3222M
30210A 31313A 3204B.TVH 32230A
30211A 31313A 32052X 32232A
30212A 31314A 32056X 32234A
30213A 31314A 3205B.2RSR.TVH 32236A
30214A 31315 3205B.2ZR.TVH 32238A
30215A 31316 3205B.TVH 32240A
30216A 31317 32060X 32244A
30217A 31318 32064X 32248A
30218A 31318 3206B.2RSR.TVH 32303A
30219A 31319A 3206B.2ZR.TVH 32304A
30220A 31319A 3206B.TVH 32305A
30221A 31320X 3207B.2RSR.TVH 32306A
30222A 31322X 3207B.2ZR.TVH 32307A
30224A 31324X 3207B.TVH 32307B
30226A 31326X 3208B.2RSR.TVH 32308A
30228A 31328X 3208B.2ZR.TVH 32308B
30230A 31330X 3208B.TVH 32309A
30234A 320/28X 3209B.2RSR.TVH 32309BA
30236A 320/32X 3209B.2ZR.TVH 32310A
30240A 32004X 3209B.TVH 32310B
30244A 32005X 3210B.2RSR.TVH 32311A
30302A 32006X 3210B.2ZR.TVH 32311B
30303A 32007X 3210B.TVH 32312A
30304A 32008XA 3211B.2RSR.TVH 32312BA
30305A 32009XA 3211B.TVH 32313A
30306A 3200B.2ZR.TVH 3212B.2RSR.TVH 32313BA
30307A 3200B.TVH 3212B.2ZR.TVH 32314A
30308A 32010X 3212B.TVH 32314BA
30309A 32011X 3213B.2RSR.TVH 32315A
30310A 32012X 3213B.TVH 32315B
30311A 32013X 3214B.2RSR.TVH 32316A
30312A 32014X 3214B.TVH 32316B
30313A 32015X 3215B.2RSR.TVH 32317A
30314A 32016X 3215B.TVH 32317B
30315A 32017X 3216B.2ZR.TVH 32318A
30316A 32018XA 3216B.TVH 32319A
30317A 32019XA 3219M 32320A
30318A 3201B.2ZR.TVH 32203A 32321A
30319A 3201B.TVH 32205A 32322A
30320A 32020X 32206A 32328A
30322A 32021X 32207A 32330A
30324A 32022X 32208A 32940A
30330A 32024X 32209A 3302B.TVH
30332A 32026X 32210A 3303B.TVH
31305A 32028X 32211A 3304B.2RSR.TVH
31306A 3202B.2RSR.TVH 32212A 3304B.2ZR.TVH
31306A 3202B.2ZR.TVH 32213A 3304B.TVH
31307A 3202B.TVH 32214A 3305B.2RSR.TVH
31307A 32030X 32215A 3305B.2ZR.TVH
31308A 32032X 32216A 3305B.TVH
31308A 32034X 32217A 3305DA.TVP
31309A 32036X 32218A 3306B.2RSR.TVH
31309A 32038X 32219A 3306B.2ZR.TVH

CMTG Bearing have exported FAG bearings to the worldwide countries for many years. All our FAG bearings are original Europe, brand-new, company sealed ones. If you have problems about selecting proper bearings for your special applications, please contact us right now.

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