FAG 292/1060E1.MB spherical roller bearings



FAG spherical roller bearings E1 are bearings for the heaviest loads, they contain two rows of symmetrical barrel rollers which orient themselves freely in the concave outer ring, raceway. This bearing 292/1060E1.MB has a very large number of rollers with a large diameter and long length, due to the narrow osculation between the rollers and raceways, uniform stress distribution and high load carrying capacity is achieved.
FAG bearing: 292/1060E1.MB

Type: Axial spherical roller bearing

Inner diameter: 1060mm

Outer diameter: 1400mm

Depth: 206mm

Weight: 844 KGS
Load capacity: 1211KN – 1336 KN

Origin: made in Germany
The following are FAG spherical roller bearings in our stock list,

29240-E1-MB 29412-E1 XL 29288-E1-MB
29340-E1 XL 29413-E1 XL 29388-E1-MB
29440-E1 XL 29414-E1 XL 29488-E1-MB
29244-E1-MB 29415-E1 XL 29292-E1-MB
29344-E1 XL 29416-E1 XL 29392-E1-MB
29444-E1 XL 29317-E1 XL 29492-E1-MB
29248-E1-MB 29417-E1 XL 29296-E1-MB
29348-E1 XL 29318-E1 XL 29396-E1-MB
29448-E1 XL 29418-E1 XL 29496-E1-MB
29252-E1-MB 29320-E1 XL 292/500-E1-MB
29352-E1 XL 29420-E1 XL 293/500-E1-MB
29452-E1 XL 29322-E1 XL 294/500-E1-MB
29256-E1-MB 29422-E1 XL 292/530-E1-MB
29356-E1 XL 29324-E1 XL 293/530-E1-MB
29456-E1 XL 29424-E1 XL 294/530-E1-MB
29260-E1-MB 29326-E1 XL 292/560-E1-MB
29360-E1 XL 29426-E1 XL 294/560-E1-MB
29460-E1 XL 29328-E1 XL 292/600-E1-MB
29264-E1-MB 29428-E1 XL 293/600-E1-MB
29364-E1 XL 29230-E1-MB 294/600-E1-MB
29464-E1 XL 29330-E1 XL 292/630-E1-MB
29268-E1-MB 29430-E1 XL 293/630-E1-MB
29368-E1-MB XL 29232-E1-MB 294/630-E1-MB
29468-E1 XL 29332-E1 XL 292/670-E1-MB
29272-E1-MB 29432-E1 XL 293/670-E1-MB
29372-E1-MB XL 29234-E1-MB 294/670-E1-MB
29472-E1-MB XL 29334-E1 XL 292/710-E1-MB
29276-E1-MB – 29434-E1 XL 293/710-E1-MB
29376-E1-MB XL 29236-E1-MB 294/710-E1-MB
29476-E1-MB – 29336-E1 XL 292/750-E1-MB
29280-E1-MB – 29436-E1 XL 293/750-E1-MB
29380-E1-MB XL 29238-E1-MB 294/750-E1-MB
29480-E1-MB – 29338-E1 XL 292/800-E1-MB
29284-E1-MB – 29438-E1 XL 293/800-E1-MB
29384-E1-MB – 292/1000-E1-MB 294/800-E1-MB
29484-E1-MB – 294/1000-E1-MB 292/850-E1-MB
292/1060-E1-MB 293/850-E1-MB
294/1060-E1-MB 294/850-E1-MB
292/1120-E1-MB 292/900-E1-MB
292/1180-E1-MB 294/900-E1-MB

FAG spherical roller bearings are produced with a cylindrical or tapered bore. Spherical roller bearings with a tapered bore are located predominantly by means of adapter sleeves or withdrawal sleeves on the shaft.