FAG 23284-B-K-MB spherical roller bearings



FAG bearing 23284 B-K-MB is solid brass cages with guided on the inner ring, while the bearing suffix with MA, they are guided on the outer ring. Spherical rollers bearing can carry radial load and axial load in double directions, the FAG bearings are designed to manage high radial loads even when misalignment, poor lubrication, contamination extreme speeds or critical application stresses are present.
FAG designation: 23284-B-K-MB

Dimension: 420mm x 760mm x 272mm

Weight: 520 KGS/PC

Running speed: 450 – 630 r/min

Load capacity: 7350 – 11600 kn

Origin: Made in Germany
FAG spherical roller bearings 232 series in the following list,

2320K.M.C3 2320-K-M-C3
2320K.M.C3 2320-K-M-C3 + H2320
2320M 2320-M
23218E1AK.M 23218-E1A-K-M
23218E1AK.M 23218-E1A-K-M + AHX3218
23218E1AK.M 23218-E1A-K-M + H2318
23218E1K.TVPB 23218-E1-K-TVPB
23218E1K.TVPB 23218-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3218
23218E1K.TVPB 23218-E1-K-TVPB + H2318
23218E1TVPB 23218-E1-TVPB
23220E1AK.M 23220-E1A-K-M
23220E1AK.M 23220-E1A-K-M + AHX3220
23220E1AK.M 23220-E1A-K-M + H2320
23220E1A.M 23220-E1A-M
23220E1K.TVPB 23220-E1-K-TVPB
23220E1K.TVPB 23220-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3220
23220E1K.TVPB 23220-E1-K-TVPB + H2320
23220E1TVPB 23220-E1-TVPB
23222E1AK.M 23222-E1A-K-M
23222E1AK.M 23222-E1A-K-M + AHX3222A
23222E1AK.M 23222-E1A-K-M + H2322
23222E1A.M 23222-E1A-M
23222E1K.TVPB 23222-E1-K-TVPB
23222E1K.TVPB 23222-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3222A
23222E1K.TVPB 23222-E1-K-TVPB + H2322
23222E1TVPB 23222-E1-TVPB
23224E1AK.M 23224-E1A-K-M
23224E1AK.M 23224-E1A-K-M + AHX3224A
23224E1AK.M 23224-E1A-K-M + H2324
23224E1A.M 23224-E1A-M
23224E1K.TVPB 23224-E1-K-TVPB
23224E1K.TVPB 23224-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3224A
23224E1K.TVPB 23224-E1-K-TVPB + H2324
23224E1TVPB 23224-E1-TVPB
23226E1AK.M 23226-E1A-K-M
23226E1AK.M 23226-E1A-K-M + AHX3226G
23226E1AK.M 23226-E1A-K-M + H2326
23226E1A.M 23226-E1A-M
23226E1K.TVPB 23226-E1-K-TVPB
23226E1K.TVPB 23226-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3226G
23226E1K.TVPB 23226-E1-K-TVPB + H2326
23226E1TVPB 23226-E1-TVPB
23228E1AK.M 23228-E1A-K-M
23228E1AK.M 23228-E1A-K-M + AHX3228G
23228E1AK.M 23228-E1A-K-M + H2328
23228E1A.M 23228-E1A-M
23228E1K.TVPB 23228-E1-K-TVPB
23228E1K.TVPB 23228-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3228G
23228E1K.TVPB 23228-E1-K-TVPB + H2328
23228E1TVPB 23228-E1-TVPB
2322K.M.C3 2322-K-M-C3
2322K.M.C3 2322-K-M-C3 + H2322
2322M 2322-M
23230E1AK.M 23230-E1A-K-M
23230E1AK.M 23230-E1A-K-M + AHX3230G
23230E1AK.M 23230-E1A-K-M + H2330
23230E1A.M 23230-E1A-M
23230E1K.TVPB 23230-E1-K-TVPB
23230E1K.TVPB 23230-E1-K-TVPB + AHX3230G
23230E1K.TVPB 23230-E1-K-TVPB + H2330
23230E1TVPB 23230-E1-TVPB
23232E1AK.M 23232-E1A-K-M
23232E1AK.M 23232-E1A-K-M + AH3232G
23232E1AK.M 23232-E1A-K-M + H2332
23232E1A.M 23232-E1A-M
23232E1K.TVPB 23232-E1-K-TVPB
23232E1K.TVPB 23232-E1-K-TVPB + AH3232G
23232E1K.TVPB 23232-E1-K-TVPB + H2332
23232E1TVPB 23232-E1-TVPB
23234E1AK.M 23234-E1A-K-M
23234E1AK.M 23234-E1A-K-M + AH3234G
23234E1AK.M 23234-E1A-K-M + H2334
23234E1A.M 23234-E1A-M
23234E1K.TVPB 23234-E1-K-TVPB
23234E1K.TVPB 23234-E1-K-TVPB + AH3234G
23234E1K.TVPB 23234-E1-K-TVPB + H2334
23234E1TVPB 23234-E1-TVPB
23236E1AK.M 23236-E1A-K-M
23236E1AK.M 23236-E1A-K-M + AH3236G
23236E1AK.M 23236-E1A-K-M + H2336
23236E1A.M 23236-E1A-M
23236E1K.TVPB 23236-E1-K-TVPB
23236E1K.TVPB 23236-E1-K-TVPB + AH3236G
23236E1K.TVPB 23236-E1-K-TVPB + H2336
23236E1TVPB 23236-E1-TVPB
23238BK.MB 23238-B-K-MB
23238BK.MB 23238-B-K-MB + AH3238G
23238BK.MB 23238-B-K-MB + H2338
23238B.MB 23238-B-MB
23240BK.MB 23240-B-K-MB
23240BK.MB 23240-B-K-MB + AH3240
23240BK.MB 23240-B-K-MB + H2340
23240B.MB 23240-B-MB
23244K.MB 23244-K-MB
23244K.MB 23244-K-MB + AH2344
23244K.MB 23244-K-MB + H2344X
23244MB 23244-MB
23248BK.MB 23248-B-K-MB
23248BK.MB 23248-B-K-MB + AH2348
23248BK.MB 23248-B-K-MB + H2348X
23248B.MB 23248-B-MB
23252BK.MB 23252-B-K-MB
23252BK.MB 23252-B-K-MB + AH2352G
23252BK.MB 23252-B-K-MB + H2352X
23252B.MB 23252-B-MB
23256K.MB 23256-K-MB
23256K.MB 23256-K-MB + AH2356G
23256K.MB 23256-K-MB + H2356X
23256MB 23256-MB
23260K.MB 23260-K-MB
23260K.MB 23260-K-MB + AH3260G
23260K.MB 23260-K-MB + H3260
23260MB 23260-MB
23264K.MB 23264-K-MB
23264K.MB 23264-K-MB + AH3264G
23264K.MB 23264-K-MB + H3264
23264MB 23264-MB
23268BK.MB 23268-B-K-MB
23268BK.MB 23268-B-K-MB + AH3268G
23268BK.MB 23268-B-K-MB + H3268
23268B.MB 23268-B-MB
23272BK.MB 23272-B-K-MB
23272BK.MB 23272-B-K-MB + AH3272G
23272BK.MB 23272-B-K-MB + H3272
23272B.MB 23272-B-MB
23276BK.MB 23276-B-K-MB
23276BK.MB 23276-B-K-MB + AH3276G
23276BK.MB 23276-B-K-MB + H3276
23276B.MB 23276-B-MB
23280BK.MB 23280-B-K-MB
23280BK.MB 23280-B-K-MB + AH3280G
23280BK.MB 23280-B-K-MB + H3280
23280B.MB 23280-B-MB
23284BK.MB 23284-B-K-MB
23284BK.MB 23284-B-K-MB + AH3284G
23284BK.MB 23284-B-K-MB + H3284
23284B.MB 23284-B-MB
23288BK.MB 23288-B-K-MB
23288BK.MB 23288-B-K-MB + AHX3288G
23288BK.MB 23288-B-K-MB + H3288
23288B.MB 23288-B-MB
23292K.MB 23292-K-MB
23292K.MB 23292-K-MB + AHX3292G
23292K.MB 23292-K-MB + H3292
23292MB 23292-MB
23296K.MB 23296-K-MB
23296K.MB 23296-K-MB + AHX3296G
23296K.MB 23296-K-MB + H3296
23296MB 23296-MB

In fact, we stock the full range of FAG spherical roller bearings, such as 230 series, 231 series, 232 series, 233 series and 239 series etc. If you need the bearing catalogue or technical data, welcome to contact us.