FAG 22336-K-MB + AH2336G roller bearings and adapter sleeve



At present, we keep a bulk of FAG spherical roller bearings and adapter sleeves from Germany and decide to promote on the worldwide market on discount. A set of complete documents are attached with our original spherical roller bearings, which can ensure its true original bearings made from Germany. During this period of promotion, our discount is between 20~30 %, if u r just in need of spherical roller bearings, it’s a best choice to contact us for best prices.

FAG bearing 

Adapter sleeve: AH2336G

Dimension: 180mm x 380mm x 126mm

Weight: 66.7kgs

Basic dynamic load rating-Static load rating: 1760kn-2360kn

Limiting speed-reference speed: 1500 r/min – 1270 r/min

Fatigue limit load: 209kn

Adapter sleeve: AH2336G

Dimension: 170mm x 154mm x 180mm

Weights: 5.42 kgs

201 NPPB 201-NPP-B
20204T 20204-TVP
20205K.T.C3 20205-K-TVP-C3
20205K.T.C3 20205-K-TVP-C3 + H205
20205T 20205-TVP
20206K.T.C3 20206-K-TVP-C3
20206K.T.C3 20206-K-TVP-C3 + H206
20206T 20206-TVP
20207K.T.C3 20207-K-TVP-C3
20207K.T.C3 20207-K-TVP-C3 + H207
20207T 20207-TVP
20208K.T.C3 20208-K-TVP-C3
20208K.T.C3 20208-K-TVP-C3 + H208
20208T 20208-TVP
20209K.T.C3 20209-K-TVP-C3
20209K.T.C3 20209-K-TVP-C3 + H209
20209T 20209-TVP
20210K.T.C3 20210-K-TVP-C3
20210K.T.C3 20210-K-TVP-C3 + H210
20210T 20210-TVP
20211K.T.C3 20211-K-TVP-C3
20211K.T.C3 20211-K-TVP-C3 + H211
20211T 20211-TVP
20212K.T.C3 20212-K-TVP-C3
20212K.T.C3 20212-K-TVP-C3 + H212
20212T 20212-TVP
20213K.T.C3 20213-K-TVP-C3
20213K.T.C3 20213-K-TVP-C3 + H213
20213T 20213-TVP
20214T 20214-TVP
20215K.T.C3 20215-K-TVP-C3
20215K.T.C3 20215-K-TVP-C3 + H215
20215T 20215-TVP
20216K.T.C3 20216-K-TVP-C3
20216K.T.C3 20216-K-TVP-C3 + H216
20216T 20216-TVP
20217K.MB.C3 20217-K-MB-C3
20217K.MB.C3 20217-K-MB-C3 + H217
20217MB 20217-MB
20218K.MB.C3 20218-K-MB-C3
20218K.MB.C3 20218-K-MB-C3 + H218
20218MB 20218-MB
20219MB 20219-MB
20220K.MB.C3 20220-K-MB-C3
20220K.MB.C3 20220-K-MB-C3 + H220
20220MB 20220-MB
20221MB 20221-MB
20222K.MB.C3 20222-K-MB-C3
20222K.MB.C3 20222-K-MB-C3 + H222
20222MB 20222-MB
20224K.MB.C3 20224-K-MB-C3
20224K.MB.C3 20224-K-MB-C3 + H3024
20224MB 20224-MB
20226K.MB.C3 20226-K-MB-C3
20226K.MB.C3 20226-K-MB-C3 + H3026
20226MB 20226-MB
20228K.MB.C3 20228-K-MB-C3
20228K.MB.C3 20228-K-MB-C3 + H3028
20228MB 20228-MB
20230K.MB.C3 20230-K-MB-C3
20230K.MB.C3 20230-K-MB-C3 + H3030
20230MB 20230-MB
20232K.MB.C3 20232-K-MB-C3
20232K.MB.C3 20232-K-MB-C3 + H3032
20232MB 20232-MB
20234MB 20234-MB
20236MB 20236-MB
20238MB 20238-MB
20240MB 20240-MB
20244MB 20244-MB
20248MB 20248-MB
20252MB 20252-MB
202 KRR 202-KRR
20304T 20304-TVP
20305T 20305-TVP
20306T 20306-TVP
20307T 20307-TVP
20308T 20308-TVP
20309T 20309-TVP
20310T 20310-TVP
20311K.T.C3 20311-K-TVP-C3
20311K.T.C3 20311-K-TVP-C3 + H311
20311T 20311-TVP
20312K.T.C3 20312-K-TVP-C3
20312K.T.C3 20312-K-TVP-C3 + H312
20312T 20312-TVP
20313K.MB.C3 20313-K-MB-C3
20313K.MB.C3 20313-K-MB-C3 + H313
20313MB 20313-MB
20314MB 20314-MB
20315MB 20315-MB
20316MB 20316-MB
20317MB 20317-MB
20318K.MB.C3 20318-K-MB-C3
20318K.MB.C3 20318-K-MB-C3 + H318
20318MB 20318-MB
20319MB 20319-MB
20320K.MB.C3 20320-K-MB-C3
20320K.MB.C3 20320-K-MB-C3 + H320
20320MB 20320-MB
20322MB 20322-MB
20324MB 20324-MB
20326MB 20326-MB
20328MB 20328-MB
20330MB 20330-MB

In addition, you can also avail this opportunity to enlarge your stock of spherical roller bearings, so that you will benefit a big margin in your market in future. So if you search FAG roller bearings and adapter sleeves on internet, feel free to contact our company.