FAG 22324EAS.MA.C4.F80 spherical roller bearings for vibrating machines



FAG bearing 22324EAS.MA.C4.F80 have one rigid central rib and two lateral retaining ribs on the inner ring, the two-piece solid brass cage suffix MA is guided on the outer ring. For the vibratory machinery requires very high basic load rating, so FAG spherical roller bearings F80 series are specially used in this conditions.
FAG 22324EAS.MA.C4F80

d: 120mm

D: 260mm

B: 86mm

Basic load capacity: 965KN – 1120KN

Fatigue load capacity: 100KN

Running speed: 2000 r/min – 2600 r/min

Weight: 23 KGS

SKF bearing no.: 22324CCJA/W33VA405

Origin: made in Germany
The following are FAG vibrating screen spherical roller bearings,

22308-E1 22317-E1-T41D 22334-A-MA-T41A
22308-E1-K 22318-E1 22334-K-MB
22308-E1-K + AH2308 22318-E1-K 22334-K-MB + AH2334G
22308-E1-K + H2308 22318-E1-K + AHX2318 22334-K-MB + H2334
22308-E1-T41A 22318-E1-K + H2318 22334-MB
22309-E1 22318-E1-K-T41A 22336-A-MA-T41A
22309-E1-K 22318-E1-K-T41A + AHX2318 22336-K-MB
22309-E1-K + AH2309 22318-E1-K-T41A + H2318 22336-K-MB + AH2336G
22309-E1-K + H2309 22318-E1-T41D 22336-K-MB + H2336
22309-E1-T41A 22319-E1 22336-MB
22310-E1 22319-E1-K 22338-A-MA-T41A
22310-E1-K 22319-E1-K + AHX2319 22338-K-MB
22310-E1-K + AHX2310 22319-E1-K + H2319 22338-K-MB + AH2338G
22310-E1-K + H2310 22319-E1-K-T41A 22338-K-MB + H2338
22310-E1-T41A 22319-E1-K-T41A + AHX2319 22338-MB
22311-E1 22319-E1-K-T41A + H2319 22340-A-MA-T41A
22311-E1-K 22319-E1-T41D 22340-K-MB
22311-E1-K + AHX2311 22320-E1 22340-K-MB + AH2340
22311-E1-K + H2311 22320-E1-K 22340-K-MB + H2340
22311-E1-K-T41A 22320-E1-K + AHX2320 22340-MB
22311-E1-K-T41A + AHX2311 22320-E1-K + H2320 22344-A-MA-T41A
22311-E1-K-T41A + H2311 22320-E1-K-T41A 22344-K-MB
22311-E1-T41A 22320-E1-K-T41A + AHX2320 22344-K-MB + AH2344
22312-E1 22320-E1-K-T41A + H2320 22344-K-MB + H2344X
22312-E1-K 22320-E1-T41D 22344-MB
22312-E1-K + AHX2312 22322-E1 22348-K-MB
22312-E1-K + H2312 22322-E1-K 22348-K-MB + AH2348
22312-E1-K-T41A 22322-E1-K + AHX2322G 22348-K-MB + H2348X
22312-E1-K-T41A + AHX2312 22322-E1-K + H2322 22348-MB
22312-E1-K-T41A + H2312 22322-E1-K-T41A 22352-K-MB
22312-E1-T41A 22322-E1-K-T41A + AHX2322G 22352-K-MB + AH2352G
22313-E1 22322-E1-K-T41A + H2322 22352-K-MB + H2352X
22313-E1-K 22322-E1-T41D 22352-MB
22313-E1-K + AH2313G 22324-E1 22356-K-MB
22313-E1-K + H2313 22324-E1-K 22356-K-MB + AH2356G
22313-E1-K-T41A 22324-E1-K + AHX2324G 22356-K-MB + H2356X
22313-E1-K-T41A + AH2313G 22324-E1-K + H2324 22356-MB
22313-E1-K-T41A + H2313 22324-E1-K-T41A 230/500-B-K-MB
22313-E1-T41A 22324-E1-K-T41A + AHX2324G 230/500-B-K-MB + AHX30/500
22314-E1 22324-E1-K-T41A + H2324 230/500-B-K-MB + H30/500
22314-E1-K 22324-E1-T41D 230/500-B-MB
22314-E1-K + AHX2314G 22326-E1 230/530-B-K-MB
22314-E1-K + H2314 22326-E1-K 230/530-B-K-MB + AH30/530A
22314-E1-K-T41A 22326-E1-K + AHX2326G 230/530-B-K-MB + H30/530
22314-E1-K-T41A + AHX2314G 22326-E1-K + H2326 230/530-B-MB
22314-E1-K-T41A + H2314 22326-E1-K-T41A 230/560-B-K-MB
22314-E1-T41A 22326-E1-K-T41A + AHX2326G 230/560-B-K-MB + AH30/560A
22315-E1 22326-E1-K-T41A + H2326 230/560-B-K-MB + H30/560
22315-E1-K 22326-E1-T41D 230/560-B-MB
22315-E1-K + AHX2315G 22328-E1 230/600-B-K-MB
22315-E1-K + H2315 22328-E1-K 230/600-B-K-MB + AH30/600A
22315-E1-K-T41A 22328-E1-K + AHX2328G 230/600-B-K-MB + H30/600
22315-E1-K-T41A + AHX2315G 22328-E1-K + H2328 230/600-B-MB
22315-E1-K-T41A + H2315 22328-E1-K-T41A 230/630-B-K-MB
22315-E1-T41A 22328-E1-K-T41A + AHX2328G 230/630-B-K-MB + AH30/630A
22316-E1 22328-E1-K-T41A + H2328 230/630-B-K-MB + H30/630
22316-E1-K 22328-E1-T41D 230/630-B-MB
22316-E1-K + AHX2316 22330-E1 230/670-B-K-MB
22316-E1-K + H2316 22330-E1-K 230/670-B-K-MB + AH30/670A
22316-E1-K-T41A 22330-E1-K + AHX2330G 230/670-B-K-MB + H30/670
22316-E1-K-T41A + AHX2316 22330-E1-K + H2330 230/670-B-MB
22316-E1-K-T41A + H2316 22330-E1-K-T41A 230/710-B-K-MB
22316-E1-T41A 22330-E1-K-T41A + AHX2330G 230/710-B-K-MB + AH30/710A
22317-E1 22330-E1-K-T41A + H2330 230/710-B-K-MB + H30/710
22317-E1-K 22330-E1-T41D 230/710-B-MB
22317-E1-K + AHX2317 22332-A-MA-T41A 230/750-K-MB + AH30/750A
22317-E1-K + H2317 22332-K-MB 230/750-K-MB + H30/750
22317-E1-K-T41A 22332-K-MB + AH2332G 230/800-K-MB + AH30/800A
22317-E1-K-T41A + AHX2317 22332-K-MB + H2332 230/800-K-MB + H30/800
22317-E1-K-T41A + H2317 22332-MB 230/800-MB

The above FAG spherical roller bearings can all be supplied with X-life series, X-life optimizes all the parameters that are decisive for a problem-free production cycle, this includes correct fitting and dismantling, maintenance intervals matched to the specific application and the selection of lubricants matched to operating conditions.