Cast iron NTN UCP314D1 Ball bearing units



NTN UCP314D1 Ball bearing unit uses gray cast iron as the standard material for cast iron housings. Among metallic materials cast iron has a high damping capacity, which is an ideal characteristic for mechanical components. This means cast iron, exhibits superior performance when absorbing vibration, compared with other materials. Additionally cast iron is suitable for high temperatures of up to 300C°.

Data of Ball bearing unit NTN UCP314D1

Pillow blocks cast housing Set screw type

H= 95 mm

L= 360 mm

J= 280 mm

A= 90 mm

N= 27 mm

N1= 40 mm

H1= 36 mm

H2= 187 mm

L1= 106 mm

B= 78 mm

S=33 mm

Bolt size: M22

Bearing number: UC314D1

Housing number: P314D1

Mass: 12 kg

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NTN Ball bearing unit
are suitable for applications involving heavy loads and vibration. Such as conveyors, trucks and overhead cranes at steel mills, mining machinery and pollution control equipment and so on. If you need any help, please contact us right now.