CA design 23152CAME4 is a kind larger spherical roller bearing manufactured with CAM structure, CAM turning brass cage is very mature production technology by NSK, and it takes heavier load capacity design, resistance to a certain temperature and vibration. As result these roller bearings most used in papermaking machinery felt roller and canvas belt roller.
In there, NSK bearings 23152CAME4 technical data are shown in the following,



Designation: 23152CAME4
Brand: NSK
p> ? 144mm
Mass 87.6 kg
namic basic load rating? 2160KN
3750 KN
Rolling element:: double row drum type
Seal: without
Type: Spherical roller bearing

Common types NSK spherical roller bearings are in Barton Bearing stocks shown as below,

22208CAKE4 23218CAKE4 23192CAME4S11
22209CAKE4 23219CAKE4 23196CAME4S11
22210CAKE4 23220CAKE4 22208CAE4
22211CAKE4 23222CAKE4 22209CAE4
22212CAKE4 23224CAKE4 22210CAE4
22213CAKE4 23226CAKE4 22211CAE4
22214CAKE4 23228CAKE4 22212CAE4
22215CAKE4 23230CAKE4 22213CAE4
22216CAKE4 23232CAKE4 22214CAE4
22217CAKE4 23234CAKE4 22215CAE4
22218CAKE4 23236CAKE4 22216CAE4
22219CAKE4 23238CAKE4 22217CAE4
22220CAKE4 23240CAKE4 22218CAE4
22222CAKE4 23244CAKE4 22219CAE4
22224CAMKE4 23248CAMKE4 22220CAE4
22226CAMKE4 23252CAMKE4 22222CAE4
22228CAMKE4 23256CAMKE4 22224CAE4
22230CAMKE4 23260CAMKE4 22226CAE4
22232CAMKE4 23264CAMKE4 22228CAE4
22234CAMKE4 23268CAMKE4 22230CAE4
22236CAMKE4 23272CAMKE4 22232CAME4
22238CAMKE4 23276CAMKE4 22234CAME4
22240CAMKE4 23280CAMKE4 22236CAME4
22244CAMKE4 23284CAMKE4 22238CAME4
22248CAMKE4 23288CAMKE4 22240CAME4
22252CAMKE4 23292CAMKE4 22244CAME4
22256CAMKE4 23296CAMKE4 22248CAME4
22260CAMKE4 232/500CAMKE4 22252CAME4
22308CAKE4 22208CAE4 22256CAME4
22309CAKE4 22209CAE4 22260CAME4
22310CAKE4 22210CAE4 22264CAME4
22311CAKE4 22211CAE4 22268CAME4
22312CAKE4 22212CAE4 22272CAME4
22313CAKE4 22213CAE4 22276CAME4
22314CAKE4 22214CAE4 22280CAME4
22315CAKE4 22215CAE4 22284CAME4
22316CAKE4 22216CAE4 22288CAME4
22317CAKE4 22217CAE4 23218CAE4
22318CAKE4 22218CAE4 23219CAE4
22319CAKE4 22219CAE4 23220CAE4
22320CAKE4 22220CAE4 23222CAE4
22322CAKE4 22222CAE4 23224CAE4
22324CAMKE4 22224CAE4 23226CAE4

Japan 23152CAME4 spherical roller bearing has a certain permissible self-aligning Angle, generally in 1-2.5 degrees. So these NSK bearings are the best choice for machine as the masses of customers for its excellent design structure and high quality condition. Sincerely welcome to your inquiry in this regard.